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Here is a library of my articles & videos and recommended reading for empaths and sensitive people (scroll to bottom).

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Letting Go of your Inner Judge: Self Study Class

Have you had enough of the energy of self-blame, guilt, fear, judgement & criticism?

In this 90-minute recording of a recent live class, you'll learn effective, fun processes for moving your inner judge out of your life. Includes 3 downloadable exercises.

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NOW AVAILABLE! This e-book for empaths is bursting with high-vibes

Co-created with author & HSP/empath coach, Jeannette Folan, this guidebook offers 111 mind-body-spirit-energy techniques to instantly raise your vibration — from ancient wisdom to quirky fun!

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Start or Grow a Spiritual Business?

Get the Badass Empath Checklist by Collette Davenport. It consists of 6 areas including coaching, leadership skills as well as business model, marketing strategy, and financials. Colette is the best business mentor for lightworkers I've worked with.

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From Jeannette Folan, the author of Diary of a Teenage Empath, this site offers fun and engaging workbooks for children and teens, practical tips for young (and young at heart) empaths, as well as hosting a directory of mental health professionals specializing in the highly sensitive trait.

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