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Many of my clients have asked me if I have other material available for empaths and highly sensitive people or if I could recommend books from other authors. So here is my list of recommended reading. I have read these myself and I can endorse them without hesitation. I've also included some of my own videos and articles for you here, too.

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Self-Study Class on Self-Judgement

Have you had enough of the energy of self-blame, guilt, fear, judgement & criticism?

In this 90-minute recording of a recent live pop-up class, you'll learn effective, fun processes for moving your inner judge out of your life.
Includes 3 downloadable bonus exercises.

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L.D. Porter & Dr. Michael Smith

Awakening The Genesis Within helps you discover how to harness your own spiritual powers to originate an authentic new reality.

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Jeannette Folan

Diary of a Teenage Empath - The Awakening is a dramatic and soulful story that explores the mayhem and magic of being an empath. A page-turner for all ages!

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The Complete Empath Toolkit.

Enjoy excerpts from this digital self-study training course which features 234 pages of power-packed information, 2 additional eBooks, and 8 hours of audio instruction.

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Have Auto-Immune Issues?

Nearly 60% of empaths & sensitive people have auto-immune conditions.  My friend and co-author LD Porter has been helping empaths solve their health challenges for over 30 years with his God given gifts. Click below for more info and perhaps sign up for an email reading/healing.

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From Jeannette Folan, the author of Diary of a Teenage Empath, this site offers fun and engaging workbooks for children and teens, practical tips for young (and young at heart) empaths, as well as hosting a directory of mental health professionals specializing in the highly sensitive trait.

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