Letting Go of Your Inner Judge:
Releasing the Energy of the Critical Self

In a recent social media survey of 160 self-identified empaths, 130 reported to self-judging frequently or all the time.  That's 81% of us!

On one hand, it makes sense for us to be more judgemental. We were designed to observe more, analyze more and make careful decisions. Some of that process includes assessing what is good, bad, safe, threatening and so on. But deep down, we know that the universe responds to our thoughts and feelings. We know that our judgemental thoughts affect us on the vibrational level and that we are attracting what we put out.

Maybe your judging thoughts come from that voice in your head of your hyper-critical mother, or the embarrassing or traumatic event that you have claimed as your "story". Whatever source is behind your self-judgement doesn’t matter. We don’t have to know the cause of the fire to put it out.

Join me with guest facilitator, Jeannette Folan, in this 90-minute recorded class where you will discover that letting go of self-judgement is a mind-body-spirit job. In this class, you'll learn how to engage all of your energy to make the shift to self-acceptance.

90-minute recorded class

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In this 2 hour class you will...

  • Gain an understanding of why you self-judge and how it has served you
  • Learn how you can shift your thought patterns from judging to accepting
  • Experience powerful energy techniques to clear judgemental energy that may be trapping in your body
  • Learn techniques to release blocks and maintain an open, non-judgemental energy flow
  • Feel the high-vibration effects from working in a group of empaths LIVE

Self-Judgement Pop-Up Class

90-minute recorded audio session

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