Empath Academy - February 2022

5-Week Online Empath Training program - Since 2010
With Michael Smith, Ph.D.

Step into your spiritual power and Truth

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Imagine If...

You had a transformative experience – created specifically for empaths like you, that allowed you to quickly transform the blocks, challenges, and anxiety that holds you back from your TRUE essence and soul calling.

This is what you'll receive in the live 5-week online Empath Academy. It's a potent spiritual growth training specifically for empaths just like you.  We call on Divine Source energy to raise your vibration so you won't feel overwhelmed, and you'll commit to achieving new momentum toward your aspirations and dreams.

The Empath Academy is a LIVE
5-week Empath Empowerment class
You're invited... to step into your personal freedom and power

The Empath Academy training course exists to prevent you from experiencing overwhelm, stress, and fatigue that is associated with being an empath.  

It was born of my deep desire to connect empaths together in co-creation and union with the Divine to experience magic. It's a transformational, step-by-step course that will lead to levels of self love and Divine connection that you have not yet experienced.

In the academy, three important things will occur:  

First, you'll learn to stop absorbing so much low vibratory energy through healing your mental and emotional bodies. Second, you'll open up your connection to Divine Source energy (which offers all the protection you would need).  And third, you will experience the REAL you, the one that doesn't doubt your own worth nor procrastinate on your aspirations and dreams.

In exploring all 3 areas above, you'll learn to love yourself unconditionally. You will experience your full power, perhaps for the first time, and won't be hurt by other people's energies. You won't ever 'over-give' out of a false sense of responsibility or obligation.  Your boundaries, and your energy, will be intact.

And as your vibration is raised and you commit to changing your defeating behaviors, you'll learn about your other nifty spiritual powers as well.   We devote a good chunk of class time to exploring your intuitive gifts, like clairvoyance, clairaudience, even clairalience (yes, psychic smell!)  :) 

Once you have a full understanding of your spiritual powers, you will choose to engage those gifts only when it's helpful to you.....and you'll learn to set boundaries that protect your own energy.  And that includes boundaries with the Spirit world.  You don't always have to be 'on'.

As a result, you won't be drained or fatigued.

You'll also learn to stop the influence of that monkey mind.  You know, the one that tells you aren't good enough. The one that doubts everything and blocks you, sabotages you, and prevents you from experiencing Joy.

We do a unique form of what is called 'shadow' work in weeks 2-4  Through this work, you'll learn to truly accept all parts of yourself.  As a result, you will experience a freedom and liberation previously unknown.

No longer will you doubt your life purpose nor procrastinate on your dreams.  Your soul calling and soul knowing will be your dominant experience, NOT the limiting self talk and mental chatter that doubts your own worth.

If you resonate with me, and the work I put out for free, you are going to be absolutely mesmerized and completely transformed by what we co-create TOGETHER..

Listen to that soul call, and feel free to ignore the lies that the ego tells you about not having enough money or time.

I can't wait to explore with you personally!

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"Michael's Empath Academy was amazing.  I didn't want it to end. Michael is an extraordinary teacher who thoughtfully crafted a powerful curriculum. He's so engaging and gives 100% of himself in this course. I felt honored to be a part of the sacred space he created. Thank you Michael and every one of my classmates for a wonderful time!  I'm so excited to continue learning and helping others with the information I received from this course."
- Christina Knowles
"This has been just an amazing experience.  I know we have all grown from this experience.  The energy work is just life changing.  You have no idea.  Before I used to try to calm down from books, and I had no idea I wasn't in my body. So being able to work this way is just huge, the other half of the coin that I was missing.
- Jennifer M.
"If you're on the fence about this, I can personally vouch how life-changing this was for me. I took this course exactly a year ago, and Michael is such a gifted, compassionate, loving, and safe teacher. I am still friends to this day with my fellow classmates because you grow so close to them. Do it! You won't be disappointed."  
- Patricia Morris
"Today, I feel good. That unrelenting pressure is finally off. I slept. Woke up sweet, playful, loving and without much physical pain. So thank you Michael Smith and fellow empaths for your gentle loving gifts. This energy is showing up in deep contrast to what I was experiencing recent weeks"  
- Thomas G.
"I participated in the Empath Academy with Michael and I have to say it was life changing! If you are considering it, I highly recommend going for it! It was amazing how quickly our group connected so deeply, the energy the group created together and how the experience opened me up, gave me clarity and catapulted me forward. The practical and empowering skills I learned to help navigate the world and my energy have been invaluable! I recommend you do what you can to participate in the upcoming group, it's an amazing gift to your body, mind and spirit ... and to the world :)"
Beth Rollison
"I struggle to find the words to articulate what being part of the empath academy meant to me. It changed my life. I felt so surrounded by love and peace. These tools I will use for the rest of my life, but there was also a whole higher level of learning.  For those considering future Empath Academies, with all my heart, I urge you to register!  You will be so glad that you did. Michael created a comfortable environment in which the shyest of us felt we could share. He led gently and was so down to earth and I appreciated feeling so safe.  He is so incredible.  The group members were so gifted and generous with their gifts and we now share a strong bond. Thank you, thank you. I will never forget the opportunity to be a part of the academy."
- Shanna G.,  Sandy, Utah

The Empath Academy will help you to:

  • Step into your own power, experience true self love, & realize that you are worthy as you are.
  • Receive clarity on your life purpose to help and Serve others as a Light Anchor.
  • Create healthy boundaries so that you preserve and protect your energy.
  • Tap into a Divine source of intuitive and spiritual guidance to receive clarity
  • Release addictive patterns like overeating, over working, worry, and unhealthy relationships.
  • Activate more prosperity opportunities as you vibrate higher.
  • Discover your soul wound and release a lifetime of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.
  • Experience ecstatic liberation, freedom, faith and forgiveness.

Learn advanced empath empowerment skills:

  • ALL NEW CURRICULUM based around physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual mastery.
  • The manifesting process decoded:  How to co-create with Spirit so that you attract positive experiences.
  • Learn to speak your authentic truth so that you can be free of conflicts or being taken advantage of.
  • Revolutionary techniques to clear trauma & erase unwanted states.
  • Working with the energy body & anatomy so that you can improve your intuition and perception.
  • Limit the negative self talk and chatter so that you can experience the REAL, authentic you.
  • Vigilant monitoring of the empath's "3 brains," so that you can amplify and TRUST your intuition.

The Empath Academy course includes:

  • Five 2.5 hour group sessions (with breaks) of exploration, energy work & spirituality.   
  • Stop absorbing energy and CLEAR the energy you've taken on from others.
  • Weekly Homework Assignments to sustain momentum toward your dreams
  • Weekly energy transmissions, exercises and energetic support.
  • Curriculum based around emotional, physical, spiritual & mental mastery.
  • Recordings of each week's class in our online web portal.
  • Mobile App for on-the-go convenience and access to private, secure class recordings.
  • Community discussion forum & portal for between-class interaction.
  • Design an action plan toward your dreams (with accountability partners).

February 2022 Registration:

First come, first serve. 12 spaces total.

  1. 1. Payment plan is available, if needed; pay half now and half in 21 days).
  2. 2. No refunds within 14 days of class start or after class begins.
  3. 3. Upon receipt of payment, you will be emailed instructions .
  4. Got questions? Email Dr. Michael Smith

February 2022 Class Schedule and potential topics.

Wed, Feb 2, 2022:  7:30 pm to 10:30 p.m. Eastern.   Finding Out Who You Are and Discovering the "Medicine" you carry.  Unconditional self love and forgiveness of self and others. How to create a Personal Energy Shield. Physical & Mental Mastery.

Wed. Feb 9, 2022:  7:30 p.m. EST to 10 p.m. Eastern   Opening a strong connection to Source, Spirit, & your Higher Self.   Exercises to amplify and strengthen your intuition and release doubt. Clearing Unwanted Emotional States and trauma.  Affirmations, Processes for integrating your shadow and ego/fear.  Mental Mastery (releasing mental chatter & overthinking).

Wed. Feb 16, 2022-7:30 pm EST to 10 p.m. Eastern.   Energy Polarities and why they are important as an empath. Clearing energy blocks in all 4 bodies. Emotional Mastery (unique form of shadow work). Owning one's authentic truth.

Wed. Feb 23, 2022:  7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern.    
Protective strategies and setting boundaries with others so you aren't drained.  Releasing the empath-narcissist connection. Connecting to Higher Self (continued). Spiritual Mastery.

Wed. March 2, 2022:   7:30 pm to 10 p.m. Eastern
   Intuition and Spiritual development continued. Taking Your Skills Into the World.   Using Your Gifts to help others & fulfilling your Life Purpose. Living life as a vessel for Spirit.

*Note that these topics are subject to change based on the flow of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How will this course benefit me?

This course has benefitted multiple hundreds of empaths over the last 10 years….both beginners and 'advanced' alike. For every cycle, the Universe sends us your brothers and sisters who vibe on the same wavelength as you. I survey the class after every cycle, and over the last 2 years, over 75% of participants have given it the highest possible rating, stating that the course exceeded their expectations. Additionally, over 70% have stated that they received more value than what they paid, while the other 30% stated they received value equal to what they paid.

Each step of the way, you are given simple exercises and weekly homework to hold you accountable for sustaining your progress. You’ll be sharing with other empaths across the globe who will help you feel understood,validated, and supported. You'll learn that you CAN create boundaries and not be drained. MAGIC HAPPENS HERE. In fact, a magic and alchemy will begin the moment you make the decision to sign up. When you sign up, it's a huge sign to the universe that you are ready for something NEW and greater.

How difficult is the system to follow?

The content of the Empath Academy is a system I have developed through metaphysical exploration and connection to the Divine.   I've had the benefit and pleasure to learn and grow with talented and humble indigenous leaders, shamans, medicine men/women,channels, along with a mentoring & healing practice for two decades.      

I meet you halfway in union with Source/Divine/Universe. I’ve taught over 40 empath academies over the last 10 years to hundreds of students worldwide who have gone on to learn to refine their empath gifts.  Many former students are now using their empath gifts professionally, serving the Divine through dharma and helping others. Carissa Schumacher is now a renowned spirit medium using her gifts to lead Sacred Spirit Illumination tours in Sedona, AZ. It has been such a rewarding experience to see my clients light the spark in others and spread the Love through the world over the last decade.

Should I take this class or get the Complete Empath Toolkit?  

The Complete Empath Toolkit and the Empath Academy are two different and unique experiences designed for what you seek.  If you desire a self paced library of material and exercises, then get the toolkit.  If you desire a TRANSFORMATIVE live course that will raise your vibration QUICKLY, with energetic support and lessons that build on each other weekly, along with personal connections, then choose the Academy.  Most of my clients have both programs.

Who is Dr. Michael Smith? (e.g. I'm writing this .....so maybe I should say, who am I?)

My name is Dr. Michael Smith, and I've been working professionally as a spiritual guide, psychologist, healing energy practitioner, & counselor for 20 years. My goal is to help you as a creative and intuitive empath step into your own energy and connect to your true Essence, which is Source. When you do, nothing can touch or hurt you and you can Serve others through your Light. And my Ph.D. doesn't mean too much, really.  It just means I took some steps and followed the doors the Universe opened for me, which I hope you'll do as well. I serve the Divine. The focus of my work has always been, and will continue to be, YOU.  And US.  Because we are all ONE.

How does the Empath Academy work?

The Empath Academy is a 5-week event, class, and more importantly, a spiritual CEREMONY. We call on Source and the Divine. Each session is a 2.5 hour VIDEO conference (Zoom) event held on each Wednesday of FEBRUARY 2022.  The video is optional. if you would prefer to call in via an audio or web audio call, you have that option. And you can turn your camera off at any time. Recordings will be made available for those that can't attend live.

In addition to our weekly sharing circle, where we share victories/wins/challenges/struggles and where we place our intentions into the circle,we will have approximately 90 minutes of live workshop type exploration and discussion where I will lead you through a series of weekly exercises, each building on the others, and also to include your on-the-spot personal questions and interaction. We follow the energy and the 'flow' of the group.  We are One.  We move as One.  You'll experience that directly in this course.

What if I am shy?  What if I am not a group person?

If you're shy, perhaps the thought of sharing your voice and sharing your story in a group may terrify you.   If so, that's even MORE of a reason to sign up.   Growth and change almost always happens outside of your comfort zone.  So embrace that fear - it's an ally.  It's a friend.  It will lead you to the realization that there are others just like you.  Others who have the same experiences, the same fears, the same challenges, and yes, the same GIFTS and LIGHT.   

You'll feel so welcomed. This is not a traditional class.  This is a ceremony about the power of ONE. You'll have a-ha moments like never before, because of the very important decision to allow yourself to experience MORE, and come out of your shell. It's a big deal.  You are TOTALLY in charge of what you share.  

Even the shyest empaths have reported that they felt safe, nurtured, and supported by myself and by the rest of the participants. It's a totally safe and loving space that we hold for you.

Can I participate if I'm in another part of the world?

Absolutely! We welcome those of you outside of the United States, and have had many participants from all parts of the world, including Europe (generally a 2 am start time)! If you are in Europe and want to join, the classes will bring you EXTRA energy and you won't be drained. You can call in via a web call via video or audio using your phone or computer.  

Our start time is 10:30 am Thursday in Sydney/Melbourne and 1pm in Wellington, New Zealand * You are responsible for knowing the correct start time in your area.  Use this time converter to check on the time in your area.

January 2022 Empath Academy
Sign up:

First come first serve.  12 spaces total.

  1. Use button to register (payment plan is available; pay half now and half in 21 days).
  2. No refunds within 14 days of class start or after class begins.
  3. Upon receipt of payment, you will be emailed instructions.
  4. Got questions? Email Dr. Michael Smith

Read more testimonials.

Participating in the Empath Acadamy was one of the best things that I could have ever done for myself...

Michael and all the class participants brought in great group energy. They each brought in a piece of the puzzle that I needed to move myself forward and become the woman that I am intended to be.  Michael is a remarkable man and a fabulous teacher.  You will walk away from this class with the knowledge to be the true you without facing fear or judgment. The joy you will experience after attending this academy will be remarkable.  Do this for yourself!!

- Stephanie

Michael, the course had already been exceeding my best expectations...

when last night featured for me my own huge release of energy, with a climax of huge lighting-like energy in my center.    My class didn’t end with the call.  I spent all night in vivid medicine dreams involving you and the class participants, and energy movements in my physical body.   I’m really amazed at the progress that is happening here, and your ability to be in tune with every participant on the call.

- A.G.

Your training seems to have opened up other psychic abilities in me as well....

For those of you who are on the fence about the Academy, I suggest you take that leap ASAP! It will help you to better understand yourself & your abilities; in addition to giving you confidence beyond belief! Also, thank you fellow Academy Trailblazers, it's been great intermingling with your magnificent energies!"  

- Karen, San Antonio, TX

Michael, Thank you so much for the life changing experience of your Empath Academy!

With your masterful facilitation, the multi-leveled learning went inside and is now part of me. It was not just a feel good experience in a class; it shifted and changed my daily life.  The Academy changed me deeply and profoundly. I AM different, a before and after.  Without reservation – a truly rare thing for me to do as I am extremely particular –  I wholeheartedly recommend the life transforming power of the Academy experience.  Again, with all my heart, Michael - THANK YOU for generously sharing your many gifts and talents!   Love, light & blessings.  

- Alison Carter, WV

Hello, lovely empaths. If you haven't attended the Empath Academy and wish to heal, grow your intuition and empathic abilities...

become more balanced, flow with change, forge a new path in life, or generally bond to a group of inspirational souls, please, please sign up for an upcoming Academy without hesitation... it may well be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. Michael Smith's energy helps you to transmute pain and dis-ease with such equality, faith, grace, and peaceful empowerment by raising your vibration and helping you to remember who you are and what you are: unconditional, united, sacred love and light. Thus, please, if you are or feel you may be an empath, sign up for a session with Michael or the Empath Academy... extend and grow your natural compassion and light with us all! Go Gently.  

- Carissa Schumacher,
spirit medium for Yeshua;
Sacred Spirit Illumination Sedona; founder of Hopiiqatsi.org

Video testimonial of Empath Academy from participant, Melinda Langford

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