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Imagine if...

You knew you had a proven system – created specifically for empaths like you with strategies and step-by-step instructions spelled out in a way you can easily digest and implement…

This is all possible and more with the LIVE 5-week online Empath Academy! A step-by-step empath empowerment immersion experience done with the utmost of love, care, and nurturing.


The Empath Academy is a LIVE
5-week Empath Empowerment Immersion Experience
Join our powerful Web Training to Become an Empowered Empath!

The Empath Academy exists to prevent you from experiencing overwhelm, stress, and fatigue that is associated with being an empath.  It was born of my deep desire to connect empaths together in co-creation and union with the Divine to experience magic! It's an easy-to-follow step-by-step course that you can use to become an empowered empath. The definition of an empowered empath/Divine Activator is “a clear spiritual vessel who travels effortlessly back and forth between dimensions of reality, purposefully creating Light vibrations through a union of Body and Mind in an effort to help others, should they so choose.”

As a Divine Activator empath, you will have your full power and won't be hurt by other people's energies. You can choose to engage your powers and take actions that will allow you to travel effortlessly back and forth between dimensions of reality and existence, should you choose.

The definition of an empath is someone who is a “walker between worlds,” and because of this ability to travel, the empath routinely experiences both polarities of existence. We have a deep, intimate relationship with the lower vibratory energies as well as the high vibratory energies. In other words, we intimately experience both Light and Dark energies on a daily basis.

What is important to note here is that darkness is an invitation to Create Light. It's a motivator for change. When we are aware of shadow and darkness,we must do everything in our power to change it with Light energy. All the years of pain, the chakras being closed, the heart being tugged at, the hurting from other people, it is all for one thing and one thing only: to move forward with healing into the Light.

This is what we do in the Empath Academy. You will feel and know if this is the next step for you to your spiritual growth. We create, together in a community forum, massive amounts of Light energy. It's spiritual and ceremonial in nature in addition to the 'class' learning. The movement and growth when that happens when we do this together cannot be understated.

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"Michael's Empath Academy was amazing.  I didn't want it to end. Michael is an extraordinary teacher who thoughtfully crafted a powerful curriculum. He's so engaging and gives 100% of himself in this course. I felt honored to be a part of the sacred space he created for our class. Thank you Michael and every one of my classmates for a wonderful month!  I'm so excited to continue learning and helping others with the information I received from this course."
- Christina Knowles
"If you're on the fence about this, I can personally vouch how life-changing this was for me. I took this course exactly a year ago, and Michael is such a gifted, compassionate, loving, and safe teacher. I am still friends to this day with my fellow classmates because you grow so close to them. Do it! You won't be disappointed."  
- Patricia Morris
"I participated in the Empath Academy with Michael and I have to say it was life changing! If you are considering it, I highly recommend going for it! It was amazing how quickly our group connected so deeply, the energy the group created together and how the experience opened me up, gave me clarity and catapulted me forward on my spiritual and creative journey. The practical and empowering skills I learned to help navigate the world and my energy have also been invaluable! I recommend you do what you can to participate in the upcoming group, it's an amazing gift to your body, mind and spirit ... and to the world :)"
Beth Rollison
"I struggle to find the words to articulate what being part of the empath academy meant to me. It changed my life. I felt so included and surrounded by love and peace. These tools I will use for the rest of my life, but there was also a whole higher level of learning.  For those considering future Empath Academies, with all my heart, I urge you to register as fast as you can!  You will be so glad that you did. Michael created a comfortable environment in which the shyest of us felt we could share. He led gently and was so down to earth and I appreciated feeling so safe.  He is so incredible.  The group members were so gifted and generous with their gifts and we now share a strong bond. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the empath academy for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. And, thank you Michael for being you.  I will never forget the opportunity to be a part of the academy."
- Shanna G.,  Sandy, Utah

The Empath Academy will help you to:

  • Overcome repeated patterns of low self-worth and realize that your gifts, and YOU, are a blessing!
  • Discover and practice energy techniques and exercises so that you’ll finally be free and clear of other people’s energy so that you'll be a free flowing vessel of joy.
  • Create healthy empath boundaries so that you can learn to say no and mean it and finally put yourself first.
  • Tap into a Divine source of intuitive and Spiritual guidance to get life's answers.
  • Release the negative energy that may keep you stuck in addictive patterns like overeating, over working, worry, and unhealthy (e.g. narcissistic) relationships.
  • Activate more prosperity opportunities.  When you're vibrating higher, you are more of a match for financial prosperity.
  • Dump and let go of the stagnant old energy you've been carrying from others.

Learn advanced empath empowerment skills:

  • The role of the empath:  how you can be a vessel of uplifting humanity's consciousness without being harmed.
  • Why being an empath is like being a satellite dish:  How to point your antenna in the right direction so that you attract positive people and experiences into your life.
  • Engaging the throat chakra and learning to speak your truth so that you can be free of conflicts or being taken advantage of.
  • Revolutionary techniques to stimulate the vagus nerve to clear trauma & erase unwanted states so that you're not allowing old energy to influence your experience.
  • Working with the assemblage point (see Carlos Castaneda) so that you can improve your intuition and perception.
  • Energy work with your chakras to open & clear old energy so that you'll be free and clear to receive the energies of vitality and abundance.
  • Vigilant monitoring of the empath's "3 brains," so that you can amplify your intuition and discern your own inner guidance.

The Empath Academy course includes:

  • Five 2-hour group sessions of exploration, discovery, energy work, and spirituality.
  • Learn to stop absorbing energy and also to CLEAR the energy you've taken on from others.
  • Handouts to follow along with the lessons.
  • Weekly energy healing, energy exercises and energy support.
  • "The Complete Empath Toolkit" textbook eBook - digital format.
  • You may be randomly chosen to receive one 25-30 minute coaching session "Community Intention Work" that often includes messages from Spirit.
  • Mp3 recording of each week's lesson/call, for later listening.
  • Private facebook group for interaction with other participants.
  • Email access to Dr. Michael R. Smith with your questions.

January 2020 Empath Academy Registration.

Only 15 spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. Use payment button to register (budget plan is available, if needed; pay half now and half in 21 days).
  2. Read the required Terms and Agreements (no refunds within 14 days of class start or after class begins).
  3. Upon receipt of payment, you will be emailed instructions for how to access the class.
  4. Got questions? Email Dr. Michael Smith

January 2020 Class Schedule

Wed, Jan. 8, 2020:  7:30 pm to 9:30 p.m. EST.   Finding Out Who You Are and Discovering the "Medicine" you carry.  Self Love, Boundaries with others, and Self Care. How to create a Personal Energy Shield.

Wed. Jan 15, 2020:  7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. EST.  Becoming a Spiritual Detective. Energy Anatomy.   Clearing Unwanted Emotional States and trauma.  Affirmations, Eliminating Fear, and Manifestation Process Decoded.   Clearing Chakras.

Wed. Jan 22, 2020 -7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST.   Energy Polarities and why they are important as an empath.   Connecting with Spirit and Intuition to Enhance Career, Health, Relations.  How to Stop Attracting and Absorbing Negative Energy.

Wed. Jan 29, 2020:  7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST.    Taking Your Skills Into the World.   Using Your Gifts, Identifying your Life Purpose.

Wed. Feb 5, 2020:   7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. EST
   Empaths and Dealing with Narcissists. Empath Triggers.  Follow up on Action plans.  Developing a Concrete Action Plan to Continue the Momentum

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I sure this program will work for me?

I know this system will work for you because it has worked for hundreds of other empaths over the last 10 years….both beginners and advanced empaths alike.   Each step of the way, you are given simple exercises and I will hold your hand to make being an empowered empath less of a challenge. You are given a fail proof support system and you’ll hear from other empaths across the globe who will help you feel understood,validated, and supported. You'll learn that you CAN create empath boundaries and not be drained by others.

How difficult is the system to follow?

The content of the Empath Academy is a formula I have developed through serious metaphysical exploration for over 15 years. My studies have taken me to the far reaches of the globe from tribal villages in rural Asia to Mayan temples in Mexico.   I've had the benefit and pleasure to learn from some of the most talented and humble indigenous leaders, shamans, medicine men/women,channels, and healers.   And along the way, I picked up a degree.....(or four)!   And now it's time for me to share that knowledge with all those who are spiritually, emotionally, or energetically sensitive. I’ve taught over 35 empath academies over the last 8 years to hundreds of students worldwide who have gone on to learn to refine their empath gifts.  Many of my former students are now using their empath gifts professionally, in the careers of their dreams.  For instance, one former student, Carissa Schumacher, applied the knowledge and skills in the empath academy and is now a world-renowned spirit medium using her gifts to lead Sacred Spirit Illumination tours in Sedona, AZ.   Should you ask, you can receive personal guidance on how you can use your empath gifts in this way as well. It has been such a rewarding experience to see my clients become empowered empaths in a relatively short amount of time. My former students have been thrilled with how lovingly effective this system is. 

Who is Dr. Michael Smith?

My name is Dr. Michael Smith, and I've been working professionally as a spiritual coach and counselor for 20 years. My goal is to help all emotionally and energy sensitive individuals to blend the best of Western self-improvement techniques with the ancient traditions of Eastern, indigenous, and holistic medicine. Nearly a million individuals have transformed their lives through my books, videos,audios and guidebooks.  NY Times bestselling author Sonia Choquette endorses my work.   Those are just statistics to capture your attention.  The focus of my work has always been, and will continue to be, helping YOU. 

How does the Empath Academy work?

The Empath Academy is an exclusive 5-week event. Each session is a 2-hour Teleclass event held on each Wednesday of the chosen month. Recordings will be made available fort hose that can't attend live. Each class is divided into two parts:

Part 1: In addition to our weekly 'check in' with each other and the sharing of our weekly experiences, placing our intentions into the circle,we will have approximately 90 minutes of live workshop type exploration and discussion,where I will lead you through a series of weekly exercises, each building on the others, and also to include your on-the-spot personal questions and interaction. We'll then take a short break....

Part 2: The final 30 minutes is for Community / Intention Work. In weeks 3 & 4, the focus will be on the participants and the 'holding of space' for each other.This is where participants will be chosen at random to receive a 30 minute coaching session and support. MAGIC HAPPENS HERE ! In fact, miracles will occur the moment you make the decision to  invest in yourself and sign up. When you sign up, it's a HUGE SIGN to the universe that you are ready for a NEW LIFE and something much greater!

Even the shyest empaths have reported that they felt safe, nurtured, and supported by myself and by the rest of the participants. It's a totally safe and loving space that we hold for you. This is the spiritual/ceremonial part of class that participants love.

Can I participate if I'm in another part of the world?

Absolutely! We welcome those of you outside of the United States! We have local phone numbers to avoid long distance charges in most major cities in Europe and Australia/New Zealand.    Click here to see if your country/city is included. You can also connect for free using your laptop, desktop, or tablet as long as it has a microphone and speakers.

Our start time is 9:30 am Thursday in Sydney/Melbourne * You are responsible for knowing the correct start time in your area.  Use this time converter to check on the time in your area.

FOR THOSE IN EUROPE:  Many past Europe participants have chosen to take the course entirely by listening to the recordings that are issued each week. Many have reported that they benefited very much from these recordings and this was an effective way to take the course.

January 2020 Empath Academy Registration.

Only 15 spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. Use payment button to register (budget plan is available, if needed; pay half now and half in 21 days).
  2. Read the required Terms and Agreements (no refunds within 14 days of class start or after class begins).
  3. Upon receipt of payment, you will be emailed instructions for how to access the class.
  4. Got questions? Email Dr. Michael Smith

Read more testimonials.

Participating in the Empath Acadamy was one of the best things that I could have ever done for myself...

Michael and all the class participants brought in great group energy. They each brought in a piece of the puzzle that I needed to move myself forward and become the woman that I am intended to be.  Michael is a remarkable man and a fabulous teacher.  You will walk away from this class with the knowledge to be the true you without facing fear or judgment. The joy you will experience after attending this academy will be remarkable.  Do this for yourself!!

- Stephanie

Michael, the course had already been exceeding my best expectations...

when last night featured for me my own huge release of energy, with a climax of huge lighting-like energy in my center.    My class didn’t end with the call.  I spent all night in vivid medicine dreams involving you and the class participants, and energy movements in my physical body.   I’m really amazed at the progress that is happening here, and your ability to be in tune with every participant on the call.

- A.G.

Hello, lovely empaths. If you haven't attended the Empath Academy and wish to heal, grow your intuition and empathic abilities...

Your training seems to have opened up other psychic abilities in me as well. For those of you who are on the fence about the Academy, I suggest you take that leap ASAP! It will help you to better understand yourself & your abilities; in addition to giving you confidence beyond belief! Also, thank you fellow Academy Trailblazers, it's been great intermingling with your magnificent energies!"  

- Karen, San Antonio, TX

Michael, Thank you so much for the life changing experience of your Empath Academy!

With your masterful facilitation, the multi-leveled learning went inside and is now part of me. It was not just a feel good experience in a class; it shifted and changed my daily life.  The Academy changed me deeply and profoundly. I AM different, a before and after.  Without reservation – a truly rare thing for me to do as I am extremely particular –  I wholeheartedly recommend the life transforming power of the Academy experience.  Again, with all my heart, Michael - THANK YOU for generously sharing your many gifts and talents!   Love, light & blessings.  

- Alison Carter, WV

Hello, lovely empaths. If you haven't attended the Empath Academy and wish to heal, grow your intuition and empathic abilities...

become more balanced, flow with change, forge a new path in life, or generally bond to a group of inspirational souls, please, please sign up for an upcoming Academy without hesitation... it may well be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. Michael Smith's energy transmutes pain and dis-ease with such equality, faith, grace, and peaceful empowerment by raising your vibration and helping you to remember who you are and what you are: unconditional, united, sacred love and light. After the Academy, I feel as though the world isn't different- I am different in it. Thus, please, if you are or feel you may be an empath, sign up for a session with Michael or the Empath Academy... extend and grow your natural compassion and light with us all! Go Gently.  

- Carissa Schumacher,
world renowned spirit medium and psychic

Video testimonial of Empath Academy from participant, Melinda Langford

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