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Welcome home empaths, sensitives, & lightworkers...

If you're one of us, you have highly sensitive spiritual, emotional, and energetic perception. Sometimes it may seem like you are an energy sponge. You can learn tconnect to your Highest Self which will prevent you from being overwhelmed by other people.

My name is Michael Robert Smith, I'm a doctoral trained therapist, spiritual guide, and healing practitioner. I am so grateful to welcome you to our wonderful community of over 200,000 beautiful souls, of which I have had the great Joy of facilitating since 2007.

You're invited to join The Empath Sanctuary. We do LIVE online events three times a month and you'll receive mentoring & coaching for an entire year.  Doors are only open once a year, next in mid-June, 2023.

I look forward to welcoming you into our August 2023 EMPATH ACADEMY fast track spiritual intensive.  It's been our most popular program since 2010 - designed to connect you to your Higher Self/Spirit and shed your blocks rapidly.

I invite you to follow me on Instagram where I post daily thought-provoking videos or perhaps at Empath Connection Facebook -  and also you are invited to join 25,000+ weekly readers of my inspirational "Monday Messages"

A Sedona Celebration
May 15-18, 2024

Join in a radically transformative Spiritual experience in Sedona, Arizona. This event is limited to 8 individuals and will sell out early once registration opens in January 2024.

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The Empath Sanctuary  Membership Community

Our exclusive online community membership of kindred spirit empaths - where you will learn to embody your Divine Magnificence. Receive support & coaching for an entire year.  Doors are only open once a year - next in mid-June 2023.

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Share your Gifts & Earn an Abundant Income

Transcend fears to step into your power as a Lightworker or healer. Learn a completely unique STEP BY STEP method for making an abundant living.

Registration for our new SELF PACED program, with live bonus classes, opens June 1, 2023. Class begins June 5, 2023.

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Personal Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring with Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

Open your connection to Source, move past challenges, & get clarity on your purpose in sacred space with Michael in one of his private session packages.


Empath Connection's 7-day ALASKAN CRUISE!

Learn from Dr Michael Smith & other well known psychics, healers & spiritual teachers on the luxury Celebrity cruise line!  Yoga, meditation & daily spiritual workshops! Community & connection happens Sept 1-8, 2023!


Want to Connect with Kindred Spirits & Liberate Your TRUE Self?

Up-level your consciousness with THE EMPATH SANCTUARY and have fun doing it!
Monthly 'playshops,' coaching & empath retreats.

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