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Welcome home empaths, sensitives, & lightworkers...

If you're one of us, you have highly sensitive spiritual, emotional, and energetic perception.

Sometimes it may seem like you are an energy sponge for others. There is nothing you can do to take your intuitive empath sensitivity away; however you can learn to become an empowered and actualized empath so you are not drained, exhausted, and overwhelmed by other people.

My most popular class is the transformational 5-week live online class The Empath Academy, which I offer twice a year, next in Feb. 2022.

On Dec 1, 2021, doors open to monthly members in our amazing community playground for empaths, The Empath Sanctuary.  

My name is Michael R. Smith, I'm a doctoral trained therapist and healing practitioner. I am so grateful to serve as a spiritual guide for empaths of all levels, and I invite you to connect here with your soul family :) 

The Empath Sanctuary Community Playground

Our online community membership of kindred spirits nurturing each other to embody our Divine Magnificence. Receive support & coaching for an affordable price.

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Train with up to 15 other gifted empaths in this engaging, enlightening 5 week online group course.

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Personal Spiritual Guidance with Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

Open your connection to Source, move past challenges, & get clarity on your purpose in sacred space with Michael

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Starting Dec 1st, the EMPATH SANCTUARY Community Playground

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