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Resources for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

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Are You an Empath?

If you're one of us, you have highly sensitive spiritual, emotional, and energetic perception. You literally feel other people's energy and emotions in your own body and energy field.Sometimes it may seem like you are an energy sponge for others. There is nothing you can do to take your intuitive empath sensitivity away; however you can learn to become a skilled empath so it doesn't hurt.It is possible to learn empath coping skills and create boundaries so that you are not drained of energy. I explore these issues and other tools in my empowerment program, The Complete Empath Toolkit. I also hold several 5-week Empath Academy live online classes each year.  I also offer a 5-month program that starts September, 2020 - the Empath Awakenings Circle

My name is Dr. Michael R. Smith, I'm a trained counselor and healing practitioner, and I act as a coach and spiritual guide for empaths and highly sensitive people.

The Complete Empath Toolkit Empowerment Program

Growing library of 8 hours of audio & the original eBook that will help you become empowered.

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This quick 10-question self test will help you discover if you are an empath – and if so, what type of empath are you?

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Group Class

Train with an empath mentor and other empowered empaths in this 5 week group course.

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Empath Phone Coaching with Dr. Smith

Stop absorbing emotions, clear your field, get grounded and discover your life's purpose. In sacred space.

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Ready to feel your OWN energy?

Are you ready to truly embrace your empath sensitivity as a gift, not a burden? Do you feel it's time to take control of your energy, your emotions, your life?

Join the Empath Academy Group - May 2020

This will be the final 5-week academy at this price point.

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