How to Prevent Sleep Problems for Empaths

Empaths and sensitive people require good quality regenerative sleep more than the average population, and yet our sleep can be fraught with problems unless we take the matter into our own hands.

The first reason empaths may have sleep issues is a result of the awakening in consciousness happening through the ascension. Many of us are now waking up around the hours of 3 am to 4 am because that is when the veils between the Spirit world and the Earthly realm are the thinnest.  This is happening to about 60% of empaths and is very common now.  If you really feel the energy at that hour, it's QUIET and peaceful.  If you're anything like me, and you likely are, you can literally feel the quiet in the area or neighborhood where you live.  This is a perfect opportunity to meditate and pray.  When I wake up at that hour, about once a week, I simply surrender and use the time to commune with the Divine, knowing that the ascension and awakening is part of the reason why this is happening.    If it's becoming too problematic, I would recommend that you consider a high quality sleep supplement after consulting with your healthcare practitioner.  For example, I have found that taking two chewable GABA from Now Foods has been a godsend for my ability to sleep through the night. Anything containing 5-HTP or valerian root may also help sleep, but of course this is not medical advice and please consult your practitioner before taking any supplements.

A second reason that you may be having sleep issues is that many of us simply cannot handle the energy of our partner for too long. There is nothing wrong with that. There is no guilt or shame in knowing that. Your partner’s noises and movements during the night may cause you to lose sleep, leading to less than ideal energy the next day.

One of my Empath Connection subscribers, Matt, says “I have a problem in that I am very sensitive to the repressed emotional pain of others around me, and absorb it like a sponge.  I am unable to sleep in the same room as my wife, or anyone for that matter. I will wake up feeling blurry and nauseous the next morning, with a strong hangover type of feeling.”

Matt’s situation is quite common for those of us who are sensitive to energy.

At night, our energy fields merge when you are so close to your partner, and you may be absorbing his or her energy during the night. It is for this reason that it is wise for you as an empath to make an informed and self-aware decision about how you will sleep. Are you willing to sleep in the same bed with your partner? It doesn’t have to be the only option. The beauty is you get to decide.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could share your truth with your partner and let them know your experience as an empath and that includes being especially sensitive and open to energy during sleep?

GIve yourself permission to experiment with different options to make sure you get a good night's rest. You can sleep in another separate bed in the same room, permanently sleep in an entirely different room, temporarily sleep in another room to recharge, or you can come together as a couple a few nights a week and sleep in the same bed if that would generate connection for you as a couple. The latter option is what I do with my husband, and it works beautifully!  We keep the connection and yet these established boundaries work well for both of us.

Discuss your sleep with your partner regularly, to make sure you’re both on the same wavelength. This will ensure that your boundaries will continue to be respected, and your healthy relationship with flourish.  Most of all, know that you are empowered for whatever choice feels right to you.

The only rules when it comes to sleeping arrangements are the ones you create for the benefit of yourself, and ultimately the benefit of your partner and those with whom you interact on a daily basis.

Learning strategies like the ones outlined in this article are one of the benefits, among others, of joining with other empaths who are similar to you.  Please feel invited to share your authentic, true self by joining the Empath Sanctuary, our annual membership community playground for empath spiritial ninjas like you - united in a field of Love consciousness.  We offer live Zoom ceremonies, events, and classes.  We would benefit from your Presence, as you will benefit from ours.

What are you experiencing with sleep?  Please share your experiences in the section below so others may benefit from your suggestions.

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