How is Spiritual Awakening & Ascension Affecting Empaths?

Over the past several years you may have noticed changes in your body and energy. Many of the empaths with whom I work have reported that they are becoming even more sensitive than ever, which is undeniably influenced by the spiritual shift that's occurring on the planet.

The universe is shining more Light on us through the amplification of our collective prayers which necessitates that anything not compatible with that Light must move out. 

More and more empaths like you are AWAKENING.
While that's a beautiful thing, it can FEEL seriously disorienting!

Here are some common Awakening 'symptoms' or experiences:

Feeling like you are going crazy. If you're like many empaths, you probably feel that if people knew what you really experienced, they would think you are crazy. Perhaps you've seriously questioned your own sanity. In these times, you are actually becoming more sane, although it may feel like you are going crazy. Spirit is giving the Earth and its inhabitants the equivalent of a chiropractic adjustment. You are experiencing the world from a more balanced place, yet it may feel strange and disorienting.

Weight fluctuation and changes in food cravings. Are you an emotional eater? That's always been my biggest addiction, nothing soothes like comfort food. In addition to food consumption, weight changes may happen because it's our physical body's way of 'protecting' from the chaos of the world. The body may accumulate fat in its desire to protect us from feeling so much. Also, the happy buddha is depicted with a big belly for a reason.  In some cases, the more you become awakened, there may be a tendency to carry extra weight. This is totally unique for each person.

New sleep patterns, more or less than usual. Energetic changes will affect consciousness at various points during the night: Three o'clock a.m. is when the veils between worlds are at their thinnest and may affect your ability to sleep. On the other hand, you may experience periods of intense sleep during the day. This, again, is natural. It's one of the body's ways of handling energy and recharging. Empaths require good quality sleep in order to release absorbed energy.

Feeling of increased pressure as if you are about to explode. This is a result of the higher frequencies pushing up against your darker or lower vibrational areas. To cope with this, it is very good for empaths to attend spiritual ceremonies and community classes/events where we can attune to the positive vibes generated when we unite mind and body and Spirit together. If we aren't doing this regularly, we will feel Spirit tugging on us through a feeling of pressure. These high vibrations are also asking us to move, literally! One of the best to handle this is to physically move through dancing, hiking, biking, or martial arts so that you are better grounded and more comfortable in your body and can sweat out the energy you no longer need.

Heightened sensitivity. Empaths are reporting heightened senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing and vision. You may also experience bodily aches and pains intensifying, especially when you are in groups.

Emotional ups and downs and bouts of crying. Many of us are experiencing emotional earthquakes in which the terrain of our emotions is altered. This may feel like a 'yo-yo effect' where one day you're up and the next day you're down. Emotions have a way of rubbing up against us when either great darkness or great Light is shown upon them. There is a special place in your body where emotion is stored. The divine wisdom of your body will decide where exactly that is for you, and yet for many of us, unprocessed emotion can be stored in the second chakra area. This additional emotional energy may affect the lower back, the kidney area, the sacrum, and the hip area.

Unexplained psychic or paranormal experiences. You may hear words and phrases being spoken into your ear. Especially vivid dreams and even waking visions are occurring for many empaths. You might see strange blips of energy, colors in your field of vision, or even orbs. You may feel spiritual presences. When these happen, acknowledge that you are becoming more open, more attuned to spiritual energies, and you can use your spiritual detective skills to ask for more information if you desire.

Want to Cope with Your Spiritual Awakening?

Since a hallmark of our new age is increased vibration, it naturally follows that our strategies for coping are energetic in nature. You can upgrade your frequency, transmute lower vibe energy, and learn specific strategies to cope with your spiritual awakening with any of my 4 training options (classes or coaching).

Sending you blessings of LOVE as your progress forward in your journey!  :)    Michael

I'd love to hear how you are experiencing your own spiritual or emotional awakening?  Share your stories and experience in the comments box below. You can remain anonymous.

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