The Empath Sanctuary

A private membership of coaching & support
Amplify your connection to Spirit & 
Embrace your empath Gifts

with Michael Smith, Ph.D.

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Michael Smith welcoming you to the Empath Sanctuary

You're Invited....

To discover what your life can feel like when you revel in your AUTHENTIC Divine expression.

This is one of our most intimate programs, designed for those empaths who are committed to raising their vibration in a supportive community with other empaths just like you.....

In our community, you'll:

* Lay down your burdens & struggles...
* Stop absorbing low vibe energy
* Ignite your intuitive, psychic & spiritual gifts
* Receive clarity on your life purpose...
* Activate your own Divine Blueprint

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The Empath Sanctuary  
Membership Community
Now more than ever....

The days of the lone wolf empath taking on the burdens of the world are OVER...

Thank God.  

The Empath Sanctuary exists to facilitate your movement into your Divine Self.   If you're ready to up-level into Higher Consciousness, this is your community.

For those that have been wondering - "where are my people?"  - well, look no further.  Right here, you've found your tribe of fellow empath oracles, visionaries, and spiritual ninjas with a healthy dose of play and fun thrown in for good measure.

Once you join, you'll receive support and coaching that will help you stop absorbing so much low vibe energy from other people.  You'll also IGNITE your intuitive and spiritual gifts.  During every event we will practice exercises that will strengthen your intuition and connect you to Source & Spirit.

This is an exclusive membership program. It's designed for those who are fully READY to commit to receive one full year of support, nurturing, growth, expansion, and coaching.

 Our twice monthly live events are usually attended by around 12-15 people, so there is a level of sacred intimacy to share (and be mentored personally).

Welcome home. You've earned your freedom.

I look forward to welcoming you as an ANNUAL member!  (See below - scroll to bottom).

"Michael's Empath Academy was amazing.  I didn't want it to end. Michael is an extraordinary teacher who thoughtfully crafted a powerful curriculum. He's so engaging and gives 100% of himself in this course. I felt honored to be a part of the sacred space he created. Thank you Michael and every one of my classmates for a wonderful time!  I'm so excited to continue learning and helping others with the information I received from this course."
- Christina Knowles
"This has been just an amazing experience.  I know we have all grown from this experience.  The energy work is just life changing.  You have no idea.  Before I used to try to calm down from books, and I had no idea I wasn't in my body. So being able to work this way is just huge, the other half of the coin that I was missing.
- Jennifer M.
"If you're on the fence about this, I can personally vouch how life-changing this was for me. I took this course exactly a year ago, and Michael is such a gifted, compassionate, loving, and safe teacher. I am still friends to this day with my fellow classmates because you grow so close to them. Do it! You won't be disappointed."  
- Patricia Morris
"Your course has been amazing. So worth it. I am strikingly calm - and I am certain the work I’m doing with you... and the service I’m doing to balance my serenity, give me a clear head, and the ability to stay in neutral— . Of particular use is E. N. D. —  an ever ready reminder that I get to choose. SO GOOD! 😂"  
- Deborah
"I participated in the Empath Academy with Michael and I have to say it was life changing! If you are considering it, I highly recommend going for it! It was amazing how quickly our group connected so deeply, the energy the group created together and how the experience opened me up, gave me clarity and catapulted me forward. The practical and empowering skills I learned to help navigate the world and my energy have been invaluable! I recommend you do what you can to participate in the upcoming group, it's an amazing gift to your body, mind and spirit ... and to the world :)"
Beth Rollison
"I struggle to find the words to articulate what being part of the empath academy meant to me. It changed my life. I felt so surrounded by love and peace. These tools I will use for the rest of my life, but there was also a whole higher level of learning.  For those considering future Empath Academies, with all my heart, I urge you to register!  You will be so glad that you did. Michael created a comfortable environment in which the shyest of us felt we could share. He led gently and was so down to earth and I appreciated feeling so safe.  He is so incredible.  The group members were so gifted and generous with their gifts and we now share a strong bond. Thank you, thank you. I will never forget the opportunity to be a part of the academy."
- Shanna G.,  Sandy, Utah

Activate your Divine Blueprint...
in a community that GETS you. 

You're invited to uplevel your consciousness, bring more Light into your life in an engaging and FUN environment designed to liberate you from the doldrums of 'ordinary' life.


your original Divine blueprint. Ready for the next level YOU? This is it.


your challenges, burdens, and egoic mind. Life is meant to be playful, joyous, spontaneous.


& play with fellow spiritual Wizards.

"Michael's work changed my life. I feel so surrounded by love and peace. There is also a whole higher level of learning.   Michael creates a comfortable environment in which the shyest of us feel we can share. He leads gently and is so down to earth and I appreciated feeling so safe.   The group members are so gifted and generous with their gifts and we now share a strong bond. Thank you so much."
- Shanna G.,  Sandy, Utah

Live Monthly Online 'Playshops' & Celebrations

Over, zoom, explore and connect to topics that fascinate the mind, stimulate the intellect, and open your Connection to Source.

Each monthly 90-minute workshop/playshop, scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm Eastern, will explore topics that will help uplevel your energy so that you can face the challenges of today's world without drowning.....and no matter what your level of awakening, you've got a home here to explore in playshops.

Unleash the real YOU.

MONTHLY MAGIC: Live Coaching with Michael

Several times each year, join your fellow witches, wizards, oracles, and magicians for some real life'll be stirring the cauldron of spirit....and magnetizing yourself to incredible transformation.  

You'll receive 'on the spot' personal coaching and mentoring that will help you identify and release the limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors that hold you back. In doing so, you'll magnetize yourself to the life that has already been painted for you beyond the veil.

Real life alchemy!

Sunday Evening Restoration  Retreats

Several times each year, join our meditation events for a place to unwind & connect with your Soul.  These Sunday evening online retreats are a gentle invitation to decompress, unwind the mind, and join in an amplified group energy field of meditation and consciousness. Held on Sundays at 9 pm Eastern on selected Sundays.

Pure Presence. Pure Essence, Pure Source.  

Dynamic Video/Audio Boot Camps & Trainings

Receive on-demand training with Dr. Michael Smith's HUGE library of MAGIKAL materials for you to sink your teeth into.

Pure magic.

"Michael...tonight in the Sanctuary was amazing and just what I needed.  I have been feeling completely lost and out of touch, even doubting myself as an empath. Spirit really moved through all of us tonight!  I  felt, to my surprise, that I was channeling your energy the hour before class. You knocked it out of the park."
- Linda

The Empath Sanctuary is your ALL ACCESS PASS:

  • Feel connected to the Universe, nurtured, seen and supported.
  • Step into your own power, experience true self love, & realize that you are worthy as you are.
  • Receive clarity on your life purpose to help and Serve others as a Light Anchor.
  • Create healthy boundaries so that you preserve and protect your energy.
  • Tap into a Divine source of intuitive and spiritual guidance to receive clarity.
  • Release addictions like food, overthinking, over-working, and unhealthy relationships.
  • Activate more abundance in all forms (health, financial, relationships) as you vibrate higher.
  • Release a lifetime of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.
  • Drop into the FLOW to experience ecstatic liberation and freedom

Selected Topics of our Themed Playshops:

  • Intuition Explosion: How to Trust in your Gifts and Erase Doubt
  • Mediumship Decoded: Practice your Skills to hold space for others
  • Sacred Sexuality: Cultivating your Life Force for Energy & Consciousness
  • Becoming the Dreamer:  Seeing Beyond the Veils with Guidance from Above
  • The Power of NO:  Putting Self First and Creating Boundaries with Others so you're never Drained Again.....
  • Empath Boot Camp: How to Stop Absorbing so much Gross Energy from other People & the World
  • Radical Self Love and Personal Power by Activating your Divine Blueprint through the Power of Ceremony
  • Eliminating Narcisissts & Energy Vampires:  How to prevent their destructive influence & de-cord from energy vampires
  • Essential protection techniques, energy skills for empaths, the power of forgiveness, sacred relationships, soul contracts, indigenous healing wisdom/ceremonies....and more.....
What can I expect as a member of the Empath Sanctuary?

This is a community space founded/facilitated by Michael R. Smith, Ph.D, one of the earlier pioneers in bringing consciousness to empaths and sensitives. In our community, you'll feel supported, seen, and nurtured in a safe and expansive container with other empaths just like you - and you will be personally coached by me in the group format. In coming together in community, your prayer/intention to the Universe with is amplified EXPONENTIALLY. You will receive deep personal support and transformation through our regular monthly live coaching calls, retreats, and themed events.

How does my joining help me, and how will it help the world?

No matter where you are at your level of empath development, whether you are what we loving call a 'newbie', or whether you've known you are an empath for 20+ years, we fully support you and provide accountability for releasing whatever is holding you back. Usually the next 'greatest' version of ourselves is just waiting for us to make one TINY step outside of our comfort zone.  That often involves shedding old belief systems, limiting behaviors, and emotions that no longer serve our best interests.  Whatever you need to let go of, you'll find the playful and gentle nature of this community in PERFECT alignment for what you're seeking. And when you embody your TRUE, AUTHENTIC self - that's how the rest of the world is helped, by default.

What is expected of me as a member?

When you join, we ask you to COMMIT to attending as many LIVE events as possible. Live attendance is imporant to uplevel in the energy vortex we create because we do ask you to (gently) hold space for others as well. We want you to have fun, to share stories of your life experiences, and ask questions as you expand and grow.  We ask you to support your fellow community members, to participate in our playshops and retreats.

What if I'm not a 'group' person?

We ask you to take that tiny step outside your comfort zone and allow yourself to be seen and witnessed.  You will be pleasantly suprised by the loving, caring, and nurturing nature of all of our group members.

What is the difference between the Empath Sanctuary & The Empath Academy?

If you desire a live course that will raise your vibration QUICKLY, along with personal connections, then choose the Empath Academy.  It's my most 'fast track' and intensive program to help you rapidly release limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold you back from embodying your Divinity.

The Empath Sanctuary is just as effective and a fantastic way to receive consistent support to help you release your challenges over a longer length of time.  The Sanctuary is designed for continuous and sustained support, nurturing and coaching as you move along your journey and will provide the STABILITY that you need in order to stay Balanced as the world changes (dramatically).

How long is my membership active & what is the refund policy?

We attract only the most COMMITTED empaths and lightworkers. We will only accept those indiviuduals who are ready to attend our live events, contribute to the group energy, and leave the challenges of being an empath behind. If you are ready to 'uplevel' consciousness and receive a more consistent connection to your Higher Self and the Divine, then you are welcome to join. Because of your commitment, there are no refunds.

Can I participate if I'm in another part of the world?

Absolutely.  Most playshops, retreats, and live events will take place at 8 pm Eastern time and run 90 minutes.  This is ideal for the United States/Mexico/Canada as well as parts of Asia and Australia/New Zealand (NOON Melbourne time on Thurs mornings).  It is less ideal for Europe - however, if you don't feel like getting up in the middle of the night, you'll have immediate access to all the live event recordings. Use this time converter (use 8pm New York, New York time to convert to your area).

I'm not sure I can afford it?

If you are here reading this far - reading these very words - that is evidence for your mind to accept that your HIGHER SELF is asking you to commit to your own GROWTH, UPLEVELING, and EXPANSION.  Close your eyes and ask your Higher Self to enter and give you the clarity you seek.  When make a commitment to yourself by acting on faith and TRUST, whatever you expend financially will come back to you in energy and experiences that are worth many, many times the financial investment that you make today.


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* Live Coaching & guidance
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* All online events — Mondays or Tuesdays @ 8pm Eastern

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*The Complete Empath Toolkit Program ($150)

* EXCLUSIVE collection
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