A Blueprint for Sensitive Magnificence

A brand new empowerment program with Michael Smith, Ph.D.

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Ditch the Drain & Step into your POWER.....

Becoming an empowered empath does not involve walking around in a defensive bubble.  Shielding meditations?   Temporarily effective but they are not along term strategy.

There is a better way....

THE ESSENTIAL EMPATH is a 5-module self paced multimedia collection of vital techniques and strategies that will help you protect your energy so you aren't absorbing low vibes or drained by other people.

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The Essential Empath:
Vital Solutions & Next-Level Strategies

If you are resonating with Empath Connection and with my (Michael's)'re an empath who is attracted to perspectives and wisdom that go well beyond the status quo.  

In your quest to feel your own energy, and not be burdened by the emotions of other people, you recognize that becoming an empowered empath involves much more than outdated strategies like shielding or bubble meditiations. Those are important pieces of the puzzle, but they won't take your evolution to the next level.

It's a new era and like me, you're ready for something beyond the ordinary that will lead to those elusive 'a-ha' moments that will truly allow you to feel your OWN juicy energy.

Okay, I'm more than happy to oblige you in that.

I'm so excited tointroduce you to my latest creation – THE ESSENTIAL EMPATH - a collection of next-level strategies for empaths to help you live your most embodied and authentic life, free of the blocks and burdens that have held you back.....

Such as.....

- People pleasing and saying yes (to avoid feeling guilty)
- Sponging energy from others & feeling drained
- Doubting your intuition & connection
- lack of motivation & procrastination
- attracting narcissists & energy vampires
- feeling unclear about your purpose & how to use your gifts

THE ESSENTIAL EMPATH is a clear blueprint of cutting-edge tools, strategies, meditations, complete with simple yet effective exercises that will help you transcend limitations and blocks with physical health, relationships, self care, and burnout. You will learn the fomula for taking your power back so that you are no longer overwhelmed or drained by others.

Simple, gentle, easy and effortless.  When you apply the method that I teach, that's how your life will feel.  And that's also how I have designed this program – uber-easy to digest and the 5 modules will not overwhelm you.   Watch and learn on your own pace.

Underlying my work is one specific prescription for living life, that when learned and adopted, will increase your ability to co-create amazing outcomes with the Universe.   It's all about harnessing the energy of Higher Intelligence to guide and steer you toward the possibilities that will best serve both you, and the collective. Presented in five distinct modules, each one of the themed modules (and bonus companions) will prepare you to unleash the REAL you, free of burdens and free of other people's energies.  

The ESSENTIAL EMPATH is a seamlessly integrated pastiche of diverse processes and remedies that will bring relief, clarity, and confidence.

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The Essential Empath will help you to:

  • Prevent being overwhelmed by others low vibe energy.
  • Learn to stop absorbing energy and also to CLEAR the energy you've taken on.
  • Create proper boundaries with others to put yourself FIRST.
  • Set protective boundaries energetically so you aren't tired or fatigued.
  • Uncord yourself from energy vampires (e.g. narcissists) to attract healthy relations.
  • Learn to love yourself unconditionally, as you are, without internalizing judgement.
  • Tap into an Divine source of intuition and spiritual guidance to make better decisions.
  • Embrace your empath experience as a blessing, not a curse.

Topics covered in detail:

  • How to release and heal suppressed emotions.
  • How to work with the critical ego (unconscious beliefs) and eliminate its influence.
  • Meditations and unique exercises to take you out of fight or flight response.
  • Stop attracting narcissists who drain you of your energy.  Learn how to spot & avoid them.
  • Strengthen your intuition to identify and KNOW Higher Truth and let go of doubt.

and more...

All of the material includes practical, useful, and powerful techniques. Whether you have just found out you're an empath or sensitive person, or if you have been traveling on this road for a while, you’ll find knowledge, comfort and power in this work.

"Hi Michael, I’ve been much more centred and feel like myself again. it’s like a heavy cloud that was over me lifted. Spot on."
-Jewel, Australia

"Michael!  I just watched your 2 hour mentoring summit.... wooooow! You are A GIFT ❤  I feel sooooo different now, after watching this, it's as if I participated live with the group. I resonated with everyone's input and with your input. I feel so grateful for this connection."

- Susan, Texas
“Miracles are already happening.  I am hanging on every word. The techniques are amazingly powerful.  You covered so many items that have been percolating in my consciousness. Thank you for sharing your wisdom for an affordable price.”

- Jayne P.
"I feel stronger, and more in control,not only of my OWN emotions, butalso those I take in from others. What once felt like a heavy heart now feels like a ticklish whir in my chestmost of the time. This is a must-have for all empaths."

- Jan Freer, Michigan

The Essential Empath gives you:

  • Follow the modules on your own time. (& super accessible interface).
  • A collection of 5 hour-long video modules.
  • Most modules are downloadable to watch offline (while on the go or exercising)
  • Discuss lessons & share your experiences with other empaths in the online web portal.

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Instant access to 5 life transforming modules- presented in multimedia format. 

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What's in the The Essential Empath?

90 min video
How Empaths Can Stop Absorbing Pain from Others - 90 min video/audio
  • Learn the primary reason you absorb more energy from others
  • Once you are aware of your unique reason for absorbing, then you can learn to stop.
  • Divine Balance and Existing Between Worlds
Preventing Narcissists & Energy Vampires - Moving Beyond Pain to Invoke our Dragon
- 90 min video module
  • The true reason that narcisissts and energy vampires are attracted to you - this wisdom will change the way you operate in the world (for the better).
  • A meditation to clear the energy cords with these people in your life.
90 min video module
Invoking your Spiritual Warrior - Understanding the Current Collective Energy through the lens of Chaos Theory
  • Fascinating discussion - one of the most well received workshops I have ever recorded. You will have many eureka moments.
  • Understanding the times of Ascension & Spiritual Awakening (1 hour)
RADICAL SELF LOVE - Liberation through practicing Unconditional Love for ourselves
  • 90 minute video/audio

    Learn to truly love yourself without conditions, which is the energy of the Divine Self.
90 minute video
USING ANGER AS AN ALLY - Embracing Shadow to Advocate for Light - 90 min video
  • Accepting our anger as a friend truly changes our relationship to our nconfortable emotions.
25 min meditation
  • One of the most powerful and relaxing meditations I have ever recorded. You will connect with your Higher Self to receive guidance and clarity on your questions.

Testimonials from Authors & Experts

"Dr. Michael isn’t just going to help you get rid of the burden, he is going to give you a way to open yourself up to more possibility in the life you create while freeing yourself from strain.There is so much positive impact!"

- Kristen Howe, Law of Attraction Expert

"Michael, you are doing beautiful work. A sensible and grounded approach that leads to a greater understanding of our true design."

- Sonia Choquette,
NY Times Bestselling Author

of Trust Your Vibes.

"Totally life changing!  Michael shares brilliant techniques. His profound knowledge is truly a gift to the world."  

- Debra Poneman,
Bestselling author and speaker.

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Instant access to 5 modules of transformational strategies to unleash your magnificence and set aside your blocks.

Because of your commitment, there are NO refunds.

After purchase, you'll be sent an email to set up your online access
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(Reg. $107)

"After searching and searching (I have always been so particular about who I employ to help me on my spiritual journey!) I found Michael; and after meeting him for the first time - there was no doubt I had found an extra special soul/teacher/healer. He IS the real deal - he is a highly skilled and empowered Empath who walks the walk and the talk.  His work is such a powerful guide and ally for all Empaths and/or highly sensitive souls.   For me, this has been a life changer, a true GIFT and a blessing. ”
- Darleen Rose, New Zealand

"It's like food for the soul.  My life now makes sense.  
My friends too are blown away by the information and the tools.  Bless you Michael for the work that you have done on behalf of all empaths and for sharing your wisdom."
- Kim, Australia
"Michael, this is amazing!  I can't believe you put this together in such a comprehensive way.  I am astonished. Something shifted, and the information is really potent.
- Karla, UK
"I ordered a few weeks back, and it is literally saving my life!  I cannot believe how effective some of the techniques are.  Thank you for everything you are doing!"
- Vikki, NC