Empath Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

with Dr. Michael R. Smith

Empower Yourself with Private Spiritual Guidance, Mentoring, & Healing with Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

I am so grateful and excited that you are considering working with me in the sacred space of a private session.

My name is Michael R. Smith, and the professional 'deets' are thus:  I am an educational psychologist, author, counselor, and a practitioner of indigenous healing arts and energy medicine.  I have had the great joy to facilitate personal transformation for empaths & sensitive people full time since 2007.

In this work, you will amplify and strengthen your connection to Spirit/Source and the Divine energy that is available for all of us.    When you do, you won't experience dissonant energies anymore, such as absorbing others energies, overthinking, doubting, or using addictions to cope.

Over the years of metaphysical exploration, I have developed a style of personal exploration that will help you get 'unblocked' so that you can gain more beauty, joy and Peace instead of worrying, stressing, or overthinking.  

I serve as a mirror for all the parts of you that want to be seen, heard, witnessed, acknowledged, appreciated, and respected. I give physical voice to all the parts of you that are hidden and unconscious - including access to your Higher Self and soul, which is always a fun and exciting part of the work I offer.  

You'll learn how to access your Higher Self in any moment and learn to Trust the guidance you receive.  

We jointly assess and explore what's happening in your 4 primary energy bodies:  physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

Sessions are always based around your needs.  And that changes every day. Sometimes I act as a catalyst, sometimes a container, sometimes a grounding rod, sometimes a 'medium', sometimes a 'spirit guide', and sometimes a therapist.

I listen and feel very closely to your soul essence to help us discern what it is that you are asking for, underneath any confusion.  I meditate on your current energy and also the wisdom that your Soul would like to express to you. I retrieve information from the Higher realms and we discuss this in session. As a result, your sessions will bring you CLARITY.  That's the word I hear my clients asking for more than any other.

True growth doesn't happen in comfort. You can manifest the things you seek, and it also does require facing the subconscious limiting thoughts and beliefs (e.g. your 'wounding') head on. We do address those obstacles in session, and we offer a way to alchemize those burdens and turn them into GOLD.

So, as someone who has spent my life dedicated to use my spiritual connection to Serve others, I can assist you in connecting to your Highest Self so you can do the same for others.

What are you seeking from the Universe?    After you book a session, this will be the first question I ask you on your new client intake form.  It's the foundation of our work together.

We are all one, and I look forward to meeting you and creating beauty together!      

You can read some of the comments about the quality of my work here.

Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring:

Includes one 60-minute recorded phone session and 30 minutes of remote energy work performed prior.   A payment plan of 2 payments spaced 17 days apart is available.

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Purchase Single Session

$375- US
5-11 week wait.

The Benefits of Empath Spiritual Mentoring are:

  • Stop the cycle of absorbing low-vibe energy & emotions.
  • Feel YOUR own grounded energy in a safe and loving environment.
  • Goal setting and accountability for forward momentum.
  • Get clarity on your life purpose and how to help others.
  • Receive Source energy transmissions to heal & raise your vibration.
  • Overcome self-sabotaging addictions (food, substances, overthinking).
  • Learn intuition development strategies & trust your intuition.

More about empath Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring sessions...
with Dr. Michael R. Smith

I have spent 17 years being trained in mind-body energy medicine and indigenous healing techniques - click here for my professional bio).

I act as a facilitator to help connect you with your TRUE Essence. We all want that person in our lives who can mirror for us the magnificent truth of who we REALLY are.  In conjunction with Spirit, I can see and feel your unique gifts, the brilliance of your soul. I act to give a literal and physical voice to the parts of you that are asking to be helped, acknowledged, loved, and held.

I will also provide the accountability (yes, homework).  It's an important step that you work to maintain forward momentum in between sessions.

I spend a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the phone session tuning into your energy, meditating and retrieving information from Source.  I usually receive specific information and intuitive guidance which I write down and which is sometimes brought up during the session (only if you desire and if Spirit allows me to).

You can read what
others have said of my work, including endorsements from author/intuitive Sonia Choquette.

You'll feel clear & light after each session, especially as time progresses.  

Past wounding/trauma and energies you've taken on from others are dissolved and cleared by Source.

"These sessions are amazing; the work is presented on a different plane (if that makes sense). That one session is the equivalent of 20 books to me; I seriously could never have energetically taken in so much on my own."

- Jennifer M.
"THANK YOU SO MUCH for our exquisite session today. Our one session was the equivalent for me of my hundreds of sessions with my beloved friend, Ashley. Your energies are both so deeply connected to the Divine. What a blessing you are to the world. Deep bows & Namaste

- S.G.
"Thank you, Dearest Michael. I am so deeply grateful that God sent you into my life. The Peace I felt at the end of our time yesterday was powerful...could have almost levitated off the the couch!! 🙌🙏😇🌟 My Mom took one look at me & said 'I knew how important this appointment with Michael was going to be...you actually, look like yourself.' She rejoices with me in this healing.May the healing continue....can’t wait for our next session"

- Shay
"Michael's energy is incredibly high vibrational so it resounds across energy field if you let it in.  Raising your vibration by being in the company of an extraordinarily high vibrational teacher is one of the reasons many people go to retreat centers or ashrams in Tibet, India, etc. His energy is very balanced so it will tend to balance yours out, as well. That was why ascended masters like Christ and Buddha manifest such profound changes in people just by being in the room. The small little peak of conscious is what is discussed or talked about in sessions but there's a mountain going on beneath it..."
- C.S.

2022 TAKE OFF:  
Two (2) Sessions of Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring:

Single sessions are $375, and so this offer represents a $250 discount on 2 sessions.  

Sessions are scheduling for March and April 2022.

The multi-session package includes two 60-minute phone sessions and 30 minutes of remote work  prior to each session.

A payment plan is available, with 2 payments spaced 30 days apart.

How do the sessions work?

Once you make your payment (due at time of booking the session), you will receive an immediate automatic email to schedule your session(s) in your own timezone. There is usually a 5-10 week wait.

Because of demand, it is recommended to get on my calendar as soon as possible. You can see my current availability here.

Sessions are held Tuesdays through Thursdays at Noon EST or 8:00 pm EST.  If you need a different time, I may be able to accommodate a Monday or Friday - just ask me here.

We connect on my Zoom video conferencing line. All sessions are recorded for later reflection.

The sessions expire 4 months after purchase.  A payment plan is available for all options. By making payment, you agree that you are 100% committed and that there are no refunds.

Read more testimonials.

Michael you continue to be a blessing in my life....

I can not believe the growth. It was life changing for me! You are the most humble and giving soul. You lead by example, you are genuine and authentic. You want us to go within and learn to develop our own connection with Source. The Safe Space you create is healing and magical. Absolutely Amazing!

- L.M.

How do you say thank you to a role model?

Maybe become a role model for others. I have come so far, and one of the people who has helped me... is you. You are pinnacle to me. On our one-on-one call, I asked if I was allowed to have my spiritual gift (even though I exited the Christian church). You gave me hope and a belief that "I get to be who and what I am". Now, I am hoping to share that with others. Thanks for being your authentic self - as an example for me to be mine.

- GDC, Denver
Written 8 years after our sessions

I have benefited in so many ways.....

The energies you create are so wonderful and beyond my comprehension. I love and appreciate you more than I know how to express. Working with you has saved my life. That might sound a bit dramatic, but I mean it. I don't wake up in the morning feeling lost and full of despair any more.

- N.I.