Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

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Empower Yourself with Spiritual Guidance, Mentoring with Michael Smith, Ph.D.

I am so grateful and excited that you are considering working with me in the sacred space of a private session.

My name is Michael R. Smith, and the professional 'deets' are thus:  I am a former educational psychologist, counselor, spiritual medium, author, and a practitioner of indigenous healing arts and energy medicine.  I have had the great joy to facilitate personal transformation for empaths & sensitive people full time since 2007. It's true that my work has reached millions worldwide, and for that I am both dumbfounded and grateful.

Whatever private session option you choose, you will amplify and strengthen your connection to Spirit/Source and the Divine energy that is available for all of us.    When you do, you won't experience dissonant energies anymore, such as absorbing others energies, overthinking, doubting, or using addictions to cope.

Over the years of metaphysical exploration, I have developed a style of personal exploration that will help you get 'unblocked' so that you can gain more beauty, joy and Peace instead of worrying, stressing, or overthinking.  

I serve as a mirror for all the parts of you that want to be seen, heard, witnessed, acknowledged, appreciated, and respected. I give physical voice to all the parts of you that are hidden and unconscious - including receiving guidance from your Higher Self and soul, which is always a fun and exciting.  You'll learn how to access your Higher Self in any moment and learn to Trust the guidance.  

Sessions are always based around your needs.  And that changes every day. Sometimes I act as a catalyst, sometimes a container, sometimes a grounding rod, sometimes a 'medium', sometimes a 'spirit guide', and sometimes a therapist.

I listen and feel very closely to your soul essence to help us discern what it is that you are asking for, underneath any confusion. As a result, your sessions will bring you CLARITY.

True growth doesn't happen in comfort. You can manifest the things you seek, and it does require facing the subconscious limiting thoughts and beliefs (e.g. your 'wounding') head on. We do address those obstacles in session, and we offer a way to alchemize those burdens and turn them into GOLD.

What are you seeking from the Universe?   After you book a session, this will be the first question I ask you on your new client intake form.  It's the foundation of our work together.

We are all one, and I look forward to meeting you and creating beauty together!      

The Benefits of Private Spiritual Mentoring:

  • Stop the cycle of absorbing low-vibe energy & emotions.
  • Feel YOUR own grounded energy in a safe and loving environment.
  • Goal setting and accountability for forward momentum.
  • Get clarity on your life purpose and how to help others.
  • Receive wisdom and guidance from your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides,, including energy transmissions to heal and raise your vibration.
  • Overcome self-sabotaging addictions (food, substances, overthinking).
  • Learn intuition development strategies & trust your intuition.
  • Personal mastery and experience of the 4th and 5th Dimensional consciousness. Here's a video of Melinda, who experiences the feeling that results from this work.

This program is on hold for now.

Spiritual Guidance Intensive Mentoring
with Dr. Michael R. Smith

You've realizing that you've been playing small, until now.....

And perhaps you've been procrastinating or feeling unmotivated, indecisive, confused, or unclear.

And that small still voice inside is asking you to STEP IT UP - so that you can experience clarity and stronger feelings of purpose, excitement, passion, and an igniting of your intuitive gifts.

And I, and the Universe, are DELIGHTED to meet you halfway.
   You're invited to revel in the most intensive private coaching and mentoring program I have ever offered.

In this program I offer, exclusively, WEEKLY sessions (3 per month)
so that your growth and transformation is sustained and solidifies, rapidly.   

In a safe and intimate private mentoring experience, you'll unlearn old thoughts, habits, and behaviors that keep you small and safe and actually practice, both in and out of session, exercises that will open your connection to Source. Past traumas and energies that have kept you blocked that have been lingering in your energy field will be released and cleared due to the work we do together.

I myself act as a medium and retrieve information from your SOUL and SPIRIT TEAM for you every session.  

While I can't guarantee any type of particular spiritual experience, it is quite common as a result of your initiation to start to see colors in your field of vision, experience wonderful synchronicities, and receive spontaneous psychic/intuitive downloads that will open you to your inherent creativity.   

This program is designed only for those who are committed and devoted to taking ACTION.

When you commit to communing with Spirit, then you experience the following:

Radical Peace
Physical Health
Financial abundance
Better Professional/Career Experiences
Amazing soul-level relationships.


* 60-minute weekly sessions (3/ per month)  -
with 30 minutes of remote energy work prior to session.
* Weekly homework
* Advanced spiritual teachings & lessons
* Soul Readings each session 
(I will serve as a doula/medium for the information that your soul is ready to bring into your consciousness).
* 4 months complimentary membership in the Empath Sanctuary -
our work together will be enhanced when you participate in our group playshops, meditations, and events.


Get ready to manifest at a level you have not yet experienced.. all while experiencing a healthy dose of fun, Joy, laugher and play.

"I have never felt as spiritually connected as I did last night. These sessions are amazing; the work is presented on a different plane (if that makes sense). That one session is the equivalent of 20 books to me; I seriously could never have energetically taken in so much on my own."

- Jennifer M.-
"Michael's energy is incredibly high vibrational so it resounds across energy field.   Raising your vibration by being in the company of an extraordinarily high vibrational teacher is one of the reasons people go to ashrams in Tibet, India, etc. His energy is very balanced so it will balance yours out, as well. That was why ascended masters like Christ and Buddha manifest such profound changes in people just by being in the room. The small little peak of conscious is what is discussed in sessions, but there's a mountain going on beneath it..."
- Carissa Schumacher, Channel for Yeshua & NY Times author of
"Thank you, Dearest Michael. I am so deeply grateful that God sent you into my life. The Peace I felt at the end of our time yesterday was powerful...could have almost levitated off the the couch!! 🙌🙏😇🌟 My Mom took one look at me & said 'I knew how important this appointment with Michael was going to be...you actually, look like yourself.' She rejoices with me in this healing.May the healing continue....can’t wait for our next session"

- Shay
"THANK YOU SO MUCH for our exquisite session today. Our session was the equivalent for me of hundreds of sessions with my beloved friend, Asia. Your energies are both so deeply connected to the Divine. What a blessing you are to the world. Deep bows & Namaste"

- Suzie G.

Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

SESSION - Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

This is a one-on-one 60-minute recorded Zoom video session that includes 30 minutes of remote energy work performed prior to the call.  We aim to identify and release your mental and emotional blocks. We also connect you to Spirit live in session. I also offer channeled guidance from your HIgher Self and Spirit Guides designed to help you understand your spiritual gifts (and also answer your questions about health, relationships, career, etc).


6-9 week wait.

Purchase Single Session

BRAVE Intensive Mentoring

Work with Michael 3 weeks a month - in 60 minute private Zoom sessions - to step into your Power, practice your gifts, & open your connection to Spirit. Complimentary membership in Empath Sanctuary (4 months).

Program is on hold for now

Magic & Miracles 6-month Mentorship

Program will start again in September 2024


What are your other SESSION options?


Once you make your payment (due at time of booking), you will receive an immediate automatic email to schedule your session(s) in your own time zone. Regular single session clients will usually have a 4-8 week wait, except in fall when it's around 2-4 weeks.

You can see my current availability here.

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I am offering a 3-session spiritual guidance session package for $875.  That's a total savings of over $450 off my single session rate. There is usually a 6-9 week wait for your first session to be scheduled, but after that you can schedule sessions every 2-3 weeks for optimal results.

Order 3-Session Package Now

These are new for 2024 and the price is higher because more is required of me, including hours of preparation energetically and conscious meditation to bring you accurate EVIDENTIAL mediumship with names and dates and even personal memories from your loved ones and friends in Spirit.
(Please email me about my current availability)



ONE HOUR single session

You can see my current availability here.

We connect on my Zoom video conferencing line. All sessions are recorded for later reflection.

Single sessions expire 4 months after purchase.  A payment plan is available for all options. By making payment, you agree that you are 100% committed and that there are no refunds.

You can read some of the comments about
the quality of my work here. 

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Read more testimonials.

Michael you continue to be a blessing in my life....

I can not believe the growth. It was life changing for me! You are the most humble and giving soul. You lead by example, you are genuine and authentic. You want us to go within and learn to develop our own connection with Source. The Safe Space you create is healing and magical. Absolutely Amazing!

- L.M.

Working with you has saved my life....

That might sound a bit dramatic, but I mean it. I don't wake up in the morning feeling lost and full of despair any more. I love and appreciate you more than I know how to express.

- Niki

Michael's energy is incredibly high vibrational....

so it resounds across your energy field if you let it in.   Raising your vibration by being in the company of an extraordinarily high vibrational teacher is one of the reasons many people go to ashrams in Tibet, India, etc. His energy is very balanced so it will tend to balance yours out. That was why ascended masters like Christ and Buddha manifest such profound changes in people just by being in the room. The small little peak of conscious is what is discussed in sessions but there's a mountain going on beneath it..."

Carissa Schumacher , Channel for Yeshua and NY Times author of THE FREEDOM TRANSMISSIONS

The energies you create are so wonderful and beyond my comprehension.....

I have the most amazing update. I made the medicine wheel like you told me.... and set up a little bench for meditation right beside it.

On the first day that I walked the wheel backwards as you had instructed, I laid down on the bench to meditate and at some point I opened my eyes.

As I was looking at the sky, I started to notice a bunch of swirling spots of light against the blue sky near the trees just above me. I was like, what the hell is that? So I looked closer and I saw what looked like living dots of universal light swirling around.Upon closer inspection, they seemed to be thoughtfully feeding the trees,  

If that's not magical, I don't know what is! I've seen them three times now. My wish was granted - literally! I am SO grateful and happy.  I love and appreciate you more than I know how to express. THANK YOU!!

-Tara F.