The True Reason Empaths Absorb Pain and How to Stop

One of the great joys in my life is being able to 'track' the collective energies and how they play out in me, and especially in our community.

A great gift that this year has offered is to see how many people, formerly existing in isolation, are now experiencing the Great Truth that we are all One.  We all move together, in ways that are now becoming apparent with visceral illustrations.

One of the Truths bubbling to the surface recently as a result of our more internal orientation, is the experience and expression of SELF LOVE.

In the past, many of us have carried the world on our shoulders.  Often literally.  Neck and shoulder problems in the empath community have always been a prevalent issue.

This dynamic of absorbing other people's energy often results from a wounding, usually starting in childhood, in which we felt we had to ACT a certain way in order to receive love.  

Conditional Love.  It's so very, very human.  

And we are now realizing that is a lie.  

Below the woundedness that has held us back, and simmering just beneath the cauldron of self-loathing, is a gentleness, a feminine Presence, that does not 'believe' in self love.  

It IS self love.

And when we receive ourselves in that way, the way Spirit does, by accessing the tranquil energy at our CORE, then the process of serving as 'sponges' that absorb other people's energy/pain is immediately halted.

The universe is offering us a gateway and portal to 'ascend' our consciousness, right now.

When you pass through that portal, you will stop absorbing so much from others.

Does that sound nice?      Can we get a 'hell yeah!"  :)

After having explored with you for the last decade on strategies to COPE with what we thought was an inevitable process, the collective field of empaths united now recognizes that there is an important reason why we absorb other people's energy and pain.  

That sometimes unpleasant process is inversely proportional to the amount of self love we experience, and the amount of conditional love, borne of our wounding, that we can release.

Here's what self love is:

1) Remaining neutral about what anyone else says about you.   Whether one loves you or hates you, in any moment, you remain totally convinced of your own worth and provide your own validation so that external validation (or external distraction from pain) is not necessary.

2) You realize that every choice you make is an opportunity to amplify the good things in life.  You look for the Light.

And here's what self love is NOT:

1) Putting others first before ourselves (co-dependent conditioning) in which helping others becomes our primary source of self worth.

2) Saying yes when we want to say no, because that will prevent feelings of guilt.  

3) Burning out, literally, our nervous systems because we push too hard or attempt to do too much.

What 2020 has revealed for us, is the TRUTH.

And the Truth is that we are totally FREE.

When we absorb too much emotion/pain from 'others', it is largely because there is an unhealed part of us inside that believes we must DO something in order to experience worth.  

And our Higher Selves know that's simply not true.  Real Love doesn't have conditions.  It doesn't judge. Ever.  Love itself is by its very nature is unconditional.   There are no strings.  No expectations.  It doesn't push.  There is no agenda.  And no projections.  And nothing to forgive.

It's pure.  It's so EASY.  

It accepts all, exactly as is.  It is the place of pure neutrality.  THAT is where 'God' (Spirit) resides.

When you life your life as an actualized empath, you hold your own center when others around you are losing their shit.

Should that drama come, you will love yourself so much that you will PROTECT your own energy and PRIORITIZE your own Peace by choosing to disengage.  

Disengaging from fear is the way to protect and amplify your own sacred energy.

Recently, a good friend of mine and another friend of mine had an interaction that left both of them devastated and pointing fingers at each other.  They both sent me long-winded emails and text messages that projected their own anger at each other toward me, attempting to use my compassionate nature as a way to process their own shit.  

In the past, I might have tried to intervene to get both of these parties to forgive one another.  Now?   Absolutely not.  I wished each of them well and have moved on from both of them.   Their 'friendship' wasn't worth a disturbance in my Peace.  Their karma is their own, not mine.

That is an act of radical self love.

 We are all being asked to make choices like this about who we want in our lives and who we don't.   Right down to the seemingly innocuous urge to comment on another person's social media post with anything other than the energy of Love and affirmation.    If you find yourself triggered by another person's beliefs, however misguided those beliefs might seem, well, that's a strong invitation from the Universe to access the energy of unconditional love.

Peace.   It's the child of unconditional Love.  And it's available to you, right now.  

It's much easier to access that Peace with other members of your soul family united in a group field of Love consciousness.   We create that in The Empath Academy, our 5-week online course that has been running since 2010.  Learn how to stop absorbing energy, clear your energy field/mind/emotions, trust your intuition, and amplify your connection to your Highest Self.  You'll learn and grow in the safety of our intimate group (all classes capped at 15).

Wishing you a beautiful day with gentleness, and a few rainbows and sparkles thrown in for good measure!


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