How Empaths Can Stop Absorbing Emotion & Energy from Other People

Ah, one of the great joys of 'empathhood' is absorbing negative energy from others so that you feel dirty, slimy, and sludgy.

Isn't that how it goes? It's fun, right?

In all seriousness, today I am going to share the primary reason why we absorb energy from other people, and then what to do about it so that you aren't drained, exhausted or overwhelmed.

Here's what Terri says about her empath experience: "I absorb negative energy from crowds or people in general. I feel others pain as it was something I was going through, and it feels like it's getting worse over the last few years. Will this ever stop?"

So, let's break this shit down.....and get to the two primary questions related to this thorny issue.


It's simple really. You're here to clean up the planet. You are an alchemist - you turn lead into Gold. You volunteered, before you were born, to come to Earth during a time of strife and dissonance. You raised your hand to the Divine and said "Let me help the great shift in consciousness by embodying my Light to such a radical degree that the darkness will be automatically driven away."

You are a healer because your energy field automatically, without conscious thought, takes the lower vibe energy around you and raises it to the level of Divinity innately within you.

Yes, that means you carry a baseline HIGH VIBRATION. It's true. Many empaths mistake the fact feeling like shit means that you are somehow wounded - or perhaps even the cause of the negativity.

That's pure bunk. You feel like muck sometimes because the Divine has deemed you inherently worthy to help others by upleveling dirty energy. It was dictated that you will be a 'healer' as a part of your soul contract.


If it feels draining or like you are being overwhelmed by absorbing low vibes from others, that's a HUGE SIGN that you need to raise your vibration by embodying more Light.

Again, this is a process that the Divine (God) knew would happen. It's pre-ordained. You agreed, before you came into body, that you would start to feel like crap to such a degree that you would be forced to seek out help, assistance, and community to get you to where you need to be.

In this way, feeling low actually serves you, and the entire collective, because it propels you forward in your evolution and spiritual growth. When you follow the breadcrumbs of Spirit and ask the Divine for help to embody more Light, eventually you won't be harmed or be tired because high frequency LIGHT is your armor and your protection.

There are very few things in this life that I know with any level of certainty, and yet this promise from the Divine is one of them. How do I know this? Because I used to be an absolute wreck. I hurt all the time from the energy I absorbed from others. I was addicted to opiates for nearly a decade because as a physical empath my body hurt from feeling other people all the time. You got a toothache? So do I. You got shoulder pain? Me too.

It doesn't sound fun, and yet that pain actually served me, in a big way. It made me seek help.

Over the last 20 years, I have committed to raising my vibration higher and higher, and over time, I stopped hurting. I literally cannot remember the last time I ever absorbed anyone else's energy.

How did this happen for me?

Simple: I connected in spiritual community with other empaths and Light holders. Connecting in spiritual community is the most effective way for you to stop absorbing negative energy from others.

My chosen and preferred method, early on in my awakening, was to connect in indigenous ceremony twice a week in the Lakota ways.

When you connect in spiritual community with other empath souls who vibe on your frequency, it's rocket fuel for your vibration. Empaths are amplifiers. And if we purposefully call in Light, well, that's what we become. After a time, negative energy simply bounces off your aura rather than being absorbed.

Spiritual community fortifies you against low vibrations because of the relentless and sustained focus on the Light, Positivity, and Goodness inherent in you.

By default, the energy vortex and positive feedback loop from this sustained focus provides you with immunity from being harmed or drained.

Unfortunately, you weren't given any formal training to live life as an empath.

That's why we have the online Empath Academy, our 5-week spiritual intensive and ceremony. I will take you through a step-by-step process that will quickly help you stop absorbing low vibes from others. When you commit to this experience, Spirit will 'fast track' you into beautiful experiences rather than shitty ones.

You will also receive the most advanced energy and training possible by joining us in one of our yearly 4-day Empath Connection Sedona spiritual retreats, the next one May 15-18 2024.

I MEAN BUSINESS. And I hope you do as well.

If you've been wanting to connect in community with other empaths, it's your soul leading you. And Facebook groups are NOT going to cut it. You need actual connection and actual ceremony in which you purposefully connect with (and directly experience) your Divine Self.

Setting the intention that your soul leads you Home, today, and always.

Thank you for being in my orbit and being a part of my life.

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