How Empaths can Ascend to 5D 'God' Consciousness

Empaths are drawn to the mysteries of life.

Did you ever look at a rock, or an ant, or a cactus, or a mountain, and think 'how did this all get created?"

That happens for me when I contemplate the fact that the Light from the closest star took an 81,000 year journey to enter my eyeballs.

Aren't moments like that wonderful?

Even the moments where I routinely miss turns, constantly spill shit all over my clothes, explode my cereal bags, and put my cell phone on vision quest in Sedona while I am flying back to Michigan.

Those are also wonder-ful.

The world is caught up in a frenzy of fear. There is much darkness. And yet the Creator gives us the power to choose how we react to these voids - the remarkable ascension portals into the 'womb' of the unknown.

What about your empath gifts? Will you embrace those with wonder?

Just how exactly is it possible to literally feel another person's experience, be it physical or emotional, and sometimes mental? How is it possible that you can know exactly how another person is feeling, despite the 'mask' they present to the world?

Yes, it's challenging at times. It can cause us to experience anxiety, fight-or-flight, and doubt. And if we can experience lower vibe energy we can also just as easily experience the opposite.

How can you be such a dreamer? A visionary? Literally from another planet? How did YOU get created?

Isn't that wonderful? Aren't you wonderful?

Perhaps you never considered that your primary spirit guides are the other humans (especially other empaths) in your orbit. And more and more, as the 5D veils continue to lift, you will experience your non-human spirit guides.

For right now, in this moment, I am your spirit guide. I am sharing a Truth with you.

NOTHING prevents you from feeling wonder.

Perhaps your finances aren't where you want them and not sure about from where the money will come. Perhaps you're not certain about your physical health or are experiencing illness. Maybe you've got loved ones that are causing you challenges. Maybe someone recently died and you are in grief. Maybe you aren't sure where to live or whether to continue a relationship.

Here's a phrase that will help you get through your day with more equanimity and Balance:

"Isn't it wonderful?"

We came to Earth to experience everything. The light and dark. Polarity. The mess. And if you're like me, sometimes that mess can be...well, hot. :)

The way to alchemize all of what the last year has brought you, as the 5D consciousness gets activated in you, is to focus on wonder.

It is the gateway to magic and miracles.

You are experiencing life in a human body that took you lifetime after lifetime to manifest.

Make today a day where no matter what happens, you CHOOSE WONDER.

It's a verb. It's an active process. It's a choice.

So get outside and holler at the stars. Or the garbage truck. :)

Your echo of wonder will be felt in my cells, yours, and everyone around you.

We are empaths, and that is our True role on Earth.

In beauty, ❤️

Michael S.

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