Queer Spirit, Gay Soul

A sacred mentoring experience with Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

LIBERATION to Live as the Magnificent Spiritual Being You Are.

Welcome from Michael R. Smith, PhD. introducing Queer Spirit

As a gay man, you have Spiritual gifts to share with the world...

But first, you need to let go of past wounding, trauma, and limiting beliefs...

So that you can experience the LIBERATION and FREEDOM to share your Authentic self with others

To Experience Your Freedom and Liberation

As a gay man, you've been designed by the Universe to carry Balanced masculine and feminine spiritual energy....and now it's time to embrace that you're here on Earth to model being different, weird, unique, and yes, downright fabulous.

Perhaps you have been struggling with accepting yourself as you are - because you've internalized the voice of shame, often stemming from religious wounding, and because of that you have been hiding your true self for fear of rejection.

Or maybe you're dealing with a toxic or unhealthy relationship because you have either settled for something less than you deserve or attracted a partner who was based on an inauthentic version of yourself of which you are now letting go.

Or perhaps you have been stuck in addictive patterns (sex, food, substances) that do not serve you, and you need someone to hold you accountable as you firmly declare to yourself and the Universe that you are no longer accepting or enabling these unhealthy and maladaptive behaviors.

Whatever the reason, now it's your time to SHINE.  And share....

The therapeutic work I offer, in the sacred container of a private spiritual guidance session, will help you transcend limiting beliefs and personal challenges, while hooking you up with your unique spiritual connection so that you can attract positive life experiences, including better health, abundance, and soul level relationships.  

After our work together, you'll be so juicy and magnetic that you can experience nothing other than the life you WANT.  This includes attracting the right partner for your unique frequency - one who will see you and know you for the magnificent being that you are.   

And if you only have the rough edges of understanding what your spiritual gifts are, well, in our work together you'll receive clarity and confidence in Who You Really Are.

Dr. Michael R. Smith

I'm Michael.... and I've been a professional spiritual guide and mentor for the last 15 years. I've also been a proud and out gay man since I was 18 years old.

As gay men, we have a unique experience in the world - and because of that - our perspectives, energy, and gifts allow us to bring healing and empowerment to others.  

In our work together, I will ask you to take steps outside of your comfort zone.

I look forward to holding space for you in a private session mentoring package (see below) - so that you can truly thrive as the fantastical creature that you are! :) 

Benefits of our work together:

  • Better health, abundace, and soul-level relationships - all as a result of your COMMITMENT to yourself (and to the Divine)
  • Overcome past trauma so that you experience freedom to transcend the monkey-mind
  • Transcend religous wounding to discover and (embrace) your unique spiritual gifts as a carrier of Divine energy
  • Attact and Magnetize yourself to 'the right one' - a soul level relationship based on your TRUE self.
  • Speak your Truth and share who you Really Are - without fear of judgment
  • Discover and embrace your unique Spiritual gifts
  • Learn how to connect to your Higher Self for CLARITY and CONFIDENCE
  • Accept and embrace your sexuality full throttle
  • Email access to Dr. Michael R. Smith with your questions.

Queer Spirit Client Package -
Three 60-Minute Sessions

Sessions include 30 minutes of remote energy work just prior to the session). Because of your commitment, there are no refunds.

  1. 1. Because of demand, there is a 4-9 week wait for your sessions to begin. Once you get your first session booked, sessions are recommended to be 2 weeks apart, but if you prefer weekly sessions I will do my best to accomodate that.  Sessions are done on Zoom and are recorded for you.

  2. 2. Upon receipt of payment, you will be emailed instructions for how to schedule your sessions on my calendar.
  3. 3. You are welcome to renew your package at the same rate after the initial sessions have been completed.
  4. Got questions? Email Dr. Michael Smith
Book your 3-Session Package

$800 (US)

New Client Rate

Convenient payment plans available

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I found you by way of google search and figuring I had nothing to lose....

I joined your program. I have to say that I was initially on the fence about you. I couldn't decide whether you were for real. There was an edginess to you but at the same time there was also a sincerity so I signed up for the program, which was the most raw and honest experience I've had since I was a kid. Last night's session was a huge eye opener for me and not only do I see the signs but now feel them in my heart. Long story short, I cannot express my enough gratitude to you for showing up in my life. There is no coincidence- it is simply the way.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

- Allan

How do you say thank you to a role model?

Maybe become a role model for others. I have come so far, and one of the people who has helped me... is you. You are pinnacle to me. On our one-on-one call, I asked if I was allowed to have my spiritual gift (even though I exited the Christian church). You gave me hope and a belief that "I get to be who and what I am". Now, I am hoping to share that with others. Thanks for being your authentic self - as an example for me to be mine.

- GDC, Denver
Written 8 years after our sessions

I have benefited in so many ways.....

The energies you create are so wonderful and beyond my comprehension. I love and appreciate you more than I know how to express. Working with you has saved my life. That might sound a bit dramatic, but I mean it. I don't wake up in the morning feeling lost and full of despair any more.

- Nestor, San Antonio, TX
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