How Empaths can Create an Impenetrable Shield of Protection

Airports used to scare me because of the sometimes spooky vibes there. However, over the years I have developed a protective strategy to make sure I don't pick up so much debris, and in fact, I do the opposite. I create an impenetrable shield of Light around me.

Here's my routine: I put my Koss headphones on, kick up the bass, and just dance and shuffle my way from terminal to terminal like I own the place, spreading a little energetic glitter wherever I go - letting my hands and fingers dance along as well. It truly gives me joy. I imagine doves flying all around me and I ask God to bless each person I see.

And when I get people staring and locking eyes with me, that makes me feel even better because I know my prayer is working.

That's how I protect my divine connection. I shine.

And you can do the same. It's not rocket science. It's really simple.

If you are feeling the collective negativity more than your own sunshine, it's because on some level you are allowing debris in your temple.

Think of all the things that influence your energy on a moment to moment basis. The list is endless.

Here are just a few: solar storms. Planetary and cosmic alignments. Moon cycles. The jet stream. Mother Earth's moods. Your partner's mood. Your child's mood. Your parent's mood 1000 miles away. Your coworkers' energy. Your neighbor's energy in the apartment, house, or hotel room next to you. The food you put into your body. The sugar you consume. The wine you drink. The social media you follow. The shows you watch. The clutter (or lack thereof) in the environment around you. Your connection to nature, or lack thereof. And most importantly, the thoughts you think about all of the above.

You see? There are a gazillion reasons why your vibe is affected.

In order to deal with the massive global shitstorm without losing your marbles, then you simply commit even more fully to stepping into your role as a creator of your OWN reality.

You're a master. Truly. Perhaps you don't think of yourself as one, and yet it's the entire reason you are an empath on the planet at this moment in history.

Masters devote half of their existence to the human and the other half to their Higher Self, God connection.

You're asking, 'Michael, is that really what's being asked of me?'

To which I answer, emphatically: YES. Mastering Balance is THE reason you are on this chunk of rock hurtling through space.

You are here to bring Balance to imbalance. By harmonizing your masculine and feminine selves (and your Light and Shadow).

So that when it's your time to take your very last breath, you can leave the Earth having offered something of lasting value. And then when you do leave the Earth the same prayer continues, except you won't have a body.

Embrace your role as a master. While the world may be slightly cantankerous right now - a little grumpy - YOU don't fall into that sinkhole of fear and despair.

You are strong. You are a badass. Fierce. Maybe even a warrior if that resonates with you. I call myself an emissary. Emissaries devote their lives to invoking the Light with intention, in as many moments as possible, and spreading joy.

It doesn't need to be grand or extraordinary. Complimenting someone on their appearance. Paying for someone's groceries in the line behind you. Adding an extra large tip knowing with Faith that it will come back to you. Throwing up your hands in the air in gratitude for the joy of living in a body and the pleasure of food, sex, laughter, and yes, even the ability to poop.

If you're struggling, accept it. Vocalize your acceptance. And then do something today, right now, to get the pendulum swinging in YOUR (Higher Self) direction.  Joining the live, online Empath Academy spirit intensive to connect to your Higher Self, or joining us in one of our yearly Empath Connection Sedona spiritual retreats for empaths are two phenomenal ideas.

Who's gonna let global chaos ruin a perfect opportunity for ascension?

Not me. And hopefully not you.

Make today beautiful, I am with you in Spirit.

In beauty, ❤️

Michael Smith, Ph.D.
Empath Connection

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