What Type of Empath Are You? Find out here.

Have you ever wondered about your unique empath traits? Just how similar (or different) you are to the other empaths out there in the world?

Thankfully, the Divine gives us many different empath characteristics and strengths, and we aren't all the same! :)

This is a partial list of empath types only, and you can definitely be more than one. In fact most empaths are a combination of many (if not all) of these.

1. EMOTIONAL EMPATH: You perceive and are very receptive to the emotions of others, you are a deep 'feeler,' and also very likely in touch with your own emotions (perhaps even bouts of crying).  Your sacral chakra may be on overdrive (when blocked it sometimes manifests as lower back pain or kidney issues).  Almost all empaths are emotional empaths.

2. PHYSICAL EMPATH: You feel the physical sensations (including chakras) of other people. When you get blocked, you may feel fatigued and sick.  This type of empath is also associated with autoimmune conditions and adrenal fatigue in some, and is roughly 30-40 percent of empaths. Wondering how you can actually perceive the physical pain of another person in your own body?  You have a form of synesthesia called 'mirror touch' synesthesia. Its not a disorder, it's a gift, and now it's your job to care for your physical body through diet and movement (and your vibes high) that you aren't drained or made sick.

3. MENTAL EMPATH: You have a talent for picking up on the thoughtforms and mindsets of others. You may have gifts of clairaudience (hearing words & thoughtforms pop into your head). Sometimes it can feel like a radio is playing in your head. Roughly 10-15 percent of empaths.

4. SPIRITUAL/SOUL EMPATH: You are able to tune in to the souls and spiritual body of others, perhaps knowing an individual's purpose on Earth, getting glimpses of one's past lives, and perceiving karmic issues and connections. Because you are often in 'other dimensions spiritually' - it might be even harder to ground yourself and lightheadedness might occur as well. Sometimes if you get out of balance it may manifest in the form of headaches (too much energy around the head and crown chakra). This type of empath is roughly 20 percent of empaths.  

5. CLAIRCOGNIZANT/INTUITIVE EMPATH: You have the ability to 'just know' things, and even predict the future at times, especially for others. You have a deep sense of intuition and knowing, especially when it comes to other people. To fully trust your intuition, you'll want to enhance your connection to the gut, your body's 'truth detector'. Blocks in the solar plexus area can manifest as doubt and lack of confidence in what you perceive, and so energy work is especially helpful to keep the gut area in full health, as well as releasing addictions such as food that sometimes, when taken too far, can keep the gut out of balance and therefore disturb your connection to your own Internal Guidance System.

6. HEALER EMPATH:  You have the ability to make others feel heard, loved, safe, and understood merely by your presence.  You are a 'container' for other energies by your unique wiring and also because of your interest in awakening and expanding your natural healing gifts. You absorb energy through your bodies (especially emotional and physical) in order that it be changed into something lighter (e.g. transmuted). Self care is critical and establishing firm loving boundaries is required in order to reach your full potential and not become drained or sick. You are an 'energy alchemist' and that means you both flow with the energy that is present when it's required and can also change the direction of energy or help bring Balance to others. Your mental intentions amplify your natural healing presence and have a physical effect. You sometimes have energy that runs in reverse ('Retro'), based on the flow of the Universe.

7. EARTH EMPATH: You can sense the movements and health of Mother Earth, including an ability to perhaps dream about (or sense in advance) earthquakes, tsunamis, and storms. You are deeply in tune with nature, especially the elements (air, water, fire) and almost certainly trees and plants.  If you have ever talked to plants or felt a desire to hug trees, then you are most likely an Earth empath.  You may also perhaps have some interest in shamanism and indigenous healing techniques, which harness the power of the Earth. This type of empath is often fascinated with lightning.

8. ANIMAL EMPATH: You are deeply in tune with the feelings and energy of animals, including energies of animals that many ignore (mice, spiders, etc). It would be recommended to work with Steven Farmer's Power Animal Oracle Cards or work with Ted Andrews' well known book 'Animal Speak.'

9. COSMIC EMPATH:  You are deeply in tune with the energies and movements of the planets, including the moon and sun.  You may have a resonance with astrology. Full moons, eclipses, and planetary retrogrades affect you deeply, as well as solar storms and flares.  You likely have an affinity for pondering the mysteries of the Universe and the cosmos. You may even have a resonance with the 'star people'.

For more information on each of these types, take my Empath Connection quiz here.  

These are basic archetypal energies that are present almost always to some degree in all of us - and yet adopting a label for your sensory and spiritual experiences can help your mind and mental body make sense of the complex Universe in which we live.

I use this terminology as one framework to affirm your own uniqueness.  You likely realize that you are no better (or worse) than any other person on the planet.   We are all ONE, and mirrors for each other.  We are each a great microcosm of the Greater Whole.  

You are invited to share your own authentic uniqueness by joining members of your 'soul family' in The Empath Academy, our 5-week online course that has been running since 2010.  Learn how to stop absorbing energy, trust your intuition, and amplify your connection to your Highest Self.  You'll learn and grow in the safety of our intimate group (classes capped at 15).

Bless you. Michael.

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