111 Ways to Raise Your Vibration for Empaths

Are you an empath that gets caught in a tide of low vibration energy from the environment and people around you? Or perhaps you are wanting to build an effective routine to elevate and sustain a higher vibration?

This 122-page e-book, authored by empath authors Dr. Michael Smith and Jeannette Folan, takes you through 111 exercises and activities to instantly raise your vibration.

Whether you're getting out of bed, stuck in traffic, or sitting at your desk at work — these can be done virtually anywhere. And most of the activities do not require any props!

In this guidebook you'll learn effective head-to-toe techniques for the physical body, the surrounding environment, nature, spirit, the energy systems and more, designed specifically for empaths.

From ancient wisdom to wild & weird, you'll find a wide spectrum of powerful techniques that can serve you for life. It's super mobile-friendly and compatible with all devices.

122-page digital eBook

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In this e-book, you will learn to...

  • Use your physical body as a conduit for Source energy to flow
  • Change the energy of the environment around you to a higher vibration space
  • Release your resistance to divine support and healing energy
  • Manipulate your meridian points and chakras for increased flow of Source energy
  • Strengthen your relationships with Earth and Nature in fun and easy ways
  • Practice ways to raise your vibration for self-care and inter-personal relationships

111 Ways to Raise Your Vibration for Empaths

122-page mobile-friendly digital guidebook

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