How empaths can remain calm in the face of chaos

One of the biggest questions many empaths have been asking in 2020 has been "how do we keep our center when the world around us is so chaotic?" How do we not let the collective dark night of the soul, and the accompanying shadows of aggression, anger, and violence keep us from living a life that operates in the Light

The force of the shadow is strong, and doing everything in its power to hang on. There is much resistance, which may continue to intensify for the next few months until Balance is restored. The individual and collective resistance to the Light is what produces the unpleasant ascension 'symptoms' that empaths and lightworkers experience like heart palpitations, headaches, brain fog, muscle pain, lower back issues (sacral chakra), hot flashes, and the like.

The work you are doing to transmute your old energy is critical for the elevation in consciousness of the entire human race, so that we can move into what the Hopi call 'the Fifth World". To lessen resistance in all its forms (individually and collectively), you are being asked to actively engage in the following practices to bring in more Light (and space) into your bodies.

- Declutter your physical environment and let go of old energies (clothes, books, belongings). As we declutter our physical spaces, it helps us to let go of all unhealthy attachments in other areas of life (work, relationships, friendships).

- Practice gratitude prayer every day, multiple times a day. The more gratitude you offer, the more abundance you will receive.

- Practice affirmative 'I AM" statements. Simply saying "I am LIGHT" actively and instantly charges your vibrational field. Try it, right now. With time, this simple statement will be all that you need to clear your energy field.

- Get physical movement, in any form. Stretching your arms or body, right now, is enough to produce the feel good neurotransmitters. Waving your arms around your energy field will actively clear it. The chakras in our hands have the ability to clear energy like never before.

- Let nature, trees, and WATER heal you. Right now, the water element is needed to purify and 'cool' angry collective fire energies. I went swimming in lakes this summer nearly every day and the amount of purity and Lightness that I feel after swimming is incredible. You will be doing a great Service to the Light by being near a lake when you set the intention to offer it as a prayer. The Light energy will come back to you tenfold for every act you perform in nature. The Christ consciousness is here, right now, and available to us every time we interact with our beautiful Mother Gaia. Sit on a big stone, spend 15 minutes hanging out with the tree people in a secluded forest, and get yourself into a body of water. If you are not a swimmer, then you can receive the same energy field clearing benefit by keeping your feet in the water on rocks or sand for 5-10 minutes.

- Save and purify your sexual energy. This is of particular importance to men, whose vibrational field and energy is often drained by excessive ejaculation. Perhaps you could set a goal to go 2 weeks between orgasms and use the excess sexual energy for creative endeavors. Explore the principles of tantra and pleasure, as opposed to focusing only on the orgasm. When our sexulity is engaged with the intention to open one's heart, we have access to the most incredible Divine energy available to us while still in human body.

- Let go of addictions. Addictions are behaviors designed to take us out of our true nature, which is stillness and peace. Addictions are habitual patterns of behavior that feed the lower 3D-based 'egoic mind.' Television, social media, food, substances, sex, shopping, even working and 'thinking' are addictions. Your Higher self is asking you to make new commitments to mastering these limiting behaviors by replacing them with anything on this list instead (meditation, nature, movement, etc).

- Carefully monitor your language. Speak 'as if' every word out of your mouth will become true. Yes, you have that much power. Your words are your wand, and everything you think and speak becomes true over time. If you are having struggles, this is the first place you will want to start. Examine your thoughts, witness them, and do not get attached to them. Thoughts are borne of the ego, and the ego loves to spin tales that simply are not true.

- Nourish yourself with music. You're an empath, and it is because of this sensitivity that your vibration can be easily and effortlessly changed by playing some of your favorite music. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our daily lives pleasing others that we forget that music has the power to instantly change our mood.

The 'final push' into a more sustainable and liveable world that is full of equality is coming over these next few months. As we progress through the month of December, things may appear to be even more polarized than ever as the storm intensifies. Please rest in the assurance that this is all a part of the Divine Order and they are the equivalent of labor pains. The darkness and shadows must be fully excavated and illuminated in order for us to move forward with a society in which we recognize every single person on this planet as just another incarnation of ourselves.

It's much easier to remain calm and access your own Peace with other members of your soul family united in a group field of Love consciousness.   We create that in the Empath Discovery Circle, our new membership community with live Zoom ceremonies, events, and classes, and even a mobile app for better-than-Facebook social media.  We would benefit from your Presence, as you will benefit from ours.

Click here to WATCH MY LATEST VIDEO from last week on the principle of 'slowing down' to help ease ascension symptoms.

Sending you Love and Light,

Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

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