Empath Classes & Coaching

with Dr. Michael Smith

I've been there...

when I was beginning my empath journey I was a basket case of stress, energy blockages, and pure overwhelm. I would absorb other people's emotions and even physical pains like a sponge, and it left me completely drained.  I didn't know how to stop it.  Furthermore, I felt an obligation to help others and I couldn't say no.  Self care?  I had no idea what that meant. I felt I had to save the world, always putting others first, including energy vampires who would take advantage of my desire to help.  It doesn't have to be that way. Thankfully, with the right training, you can prevent the lower vibes from EVER hurting you again, and it all has to do with strengthening your connection to Spirit and the Divine Love energy that is available for all of us.  

Over the years of metaphysical exploration, energy training, and apprenticing with indigenous healers, I have developed a series of offerings that will help you to overcome your challenges.   I have developed a variety of options to make your life easier, to help you stop absorbing so much lower vibe energy, and to get 'unblocked' so that you can gain more of the 'good stuff' in life and start to FEEL instead of worrying, being stressed, or overthinking.  

Whether you're interested in receiving personal 1:1 phone energy clearing/healing or mentoring, or whether you prefer the interaction of a live group, take a look at the comparison chart below and then click on the link to the appropriate offering that resonates with you.  As always, use your intuitive gifts/powers to ask yourself the question, 'is this the right fit for me?"   I look forward to engaging with you, helping you along your journey, so that you may do the same for others, and fulfill your purpose of helping others in whatever way you choose that honors yourself as well.  

We are all one, and I look forward to meeting you and mirroring back to you all the beautiful parts of you that have gone unacknowledged!        

I blend mind-body intuitive coaching techniques with the use of energetic and spiritual antenna to help empaths and sensitive people become aware of what is your energy and what is someone else's energy and how to cope with the sea of energy in which we all live.

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Which of the four Empath Connection training options is right for you?

Empath  Sanctuary

Empath Academy

Private Phone Coaching

One-on-one personal mentoring
Live energy clearing & healing
Live group classes (monthly)
Exercises to practice on your own
Ability to meet other empaths
Self-paced training
Affordable payment plans

Empath Toolkit

Private Phone Coaching

One-on-one personal mentoring, energy clearing and healing that will release your energy blocks and open you to move forward on the path you desire.


Empath Academy

If you are ready to take your empath power to the next level, the Academy is right for you -- and it's the most comprehensive program available.


The Empath Sanctuary Community Playground

The premiere community of kindred spirits nurturing each other to embody our Divine Magnificence.

EMPATH sanctuary

Empath Toolkit

This self-study program is beneficial for empaths of all experience levels. It includes 3 ebooks by Dr. Michael Smith and over 7 hours of audio instruction and other bonuses!