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Jeannette Folan is a holistic health coach specializing in HSP/empaths. She's the author of the novel "Diary of a Teenage Empath" and developer of online training courses for mental health professionals and HSPs/empaths.

Her gift to you is "Discovering the Power of Sensitivity", a 71-page activity book for HSP/Empath children (of all ages!) (a $10 value on Kindle Books).

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A Two-Part Empath eCourse with Dr. Michael R. Smith. In this short eBook & audio seminar, you'll learn the most potent exercises and techniques to clear your energy and connect to your intuition.

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Sex, Wealth, and Voice: Reclaim your Goddess Birthright. Find your way out of the box of your limiting beliefs and into your Divine Feminine Pleasure, Power, and Truth - Your Goddess Birthright with my friend Carla Sanders.

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Susan Ortolano, M.A.,PCC specializes in intuitive/psychic development & past trauma healing for empathic women.Her gift to you is an Empath Archetype Assessment series to deeply understand the gifts, talents, challenges & solutions of your dominant Empath type.

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WANT TO START OR GROW A SPIRITUAL BUSINESS?. Get the Badass Empath Checklist by Collette Davenport consists of 6 areas including coaching, channeling, and leadership skills as well as business model, marketing strategy, and financials. Colette is the best business mentor for lightworkers I've worked with.

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