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About the Empath Sanctuary Affiliate Program...

Can you tell me about your affiliate program?

As a part of our mission, I am excited to have you on board to help others and share abundance!



You will earn 25% commission ($125) on the Empath Sanctuary Community Annual Membership (which sells for $497.  Commissions are paid via PayPal automatically 30 days after your referral makes a purchase. 

You can also choose to promote the Empath Academy, which sells for $688.  You will earn a 25% commission on this product ($172). Commissions are paid via PayPal automatically 30 days after your referral makes a purchase. 

One major benefit of my referral program is that individuals commit to a program in which there are no refunds available.  Thus, we attract high quality folks into my programs and that means more abundance for your efforts.

I use the reputable ThriveCart affiliate manager. Their tracking system uses a last cookie system, and those cookies are good for a lifetime, assuming individuals don't clear their browser cookies.  Thus, you will receive credit if an individual waits a year (or two) to purchase.  I also manually ask someone who referred them immediately on joining the program, so in the event that cookies are not used, you have a backup way to earn your credit.

The programs are open year round and we do a twice yearly launch of the Empath Sanctuary -- every year.  You are encouraged to promote year round because ongoing promotion will 'plant the seed' for individuals to make future purchases - and you'll earn income down the road when that happens.

Is it necessary to have a website or email list or social media?

If you'd like to make a sustained income, yes.  However, if you only plan to promote casually to friends, this is not necessary. It is recommended that you promote via email for best results - social media does not perform as well.  

I am looking for people that have intrinsic motivation to promote with their motivated connections (empaths, sensitives) who would benefit.

My products have sold close to 7 figures total since their inception, and I look forward to sharing that success with you.


I have had great reciprocal relationships with many spiritual & HSP coaches, empath mentors, and metaphysically oriented folks over the years.