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About the Complete Empath Toolkit & Empath Academy Affiliate Program...

Can you tell me about your affiliate program?

Welcome to Empath Connection!   You are so important to the worldwide ascension and the spiritual shift right now. As a part of our mission, I am excited to potentially have you on board to spread empath awareness and help your brothers and sisters wake up to their gifts, talents, and Divine Call.

I am happy to offer abundance for your efforts to educate and inspire.   That is my primary mission - and I do that in many ways, including a host of free offerings as well as more in depth paid offerings, such as my two referral programs, the Complete Empath Toolkit (a self paced library of materials) and the Empath Academy (a transformative live 5-week group class).

USE THIS FORM to get started.  

You will earn 40% commission ($76) on the Complete Empath Toolkit (which sells for $197).
You will earn 20% commission ($113) on the Empath Academy 5-week live group course (sells for $595).

Let me know a little about yourself, how you plan to promote, and I will be in touch.

I will be able to set you up with custom affiliate links (and 120-day tracking cookies) through my software.

FYI, I will also contact you in summer 2020 about promoting classes that have higher earnings potential.

Is it necessary to have a website or email list or social media?

Yes, you MUST have one of the following:  a) website which gets traffic, or b) a social media following that is tailored to the metaphysical/spiritual, or c) an email list to promote (recommended above 500 people).

I have found that email marketing is still the best in this day and age, and performs much better than social media for my products and services. That is why I nurture my folks through a series of email marketing funnels.

The cookies on my system last 120 days so it's in your interest to promote every few months.

How do I sign up?

Please  SIGN UP HERE  which will give instructions and create an account for you.

How much will I earn & how will I get paid?

For now, you will get paid quarterly - four times each year. January, April, July, October.

Do you provide materials to help promote the product?

Yes, simple email 'swipe copy' and a few banners.

I have had great reciprocal relationships with many spiritual & HSP coaches, empath mentors, and metaphysically oriented folks over the years.