Creating Love

A book of soulful works by creative empaths

Creating Love ... the book

Creating Love is a collection of original poems, stories and art contributed by a community of empaths devoted to serving humankind through their unique skills, talents and gifts.

The first work of its kind, this 100-page book poignantly demonstrates the creativity inherent in the empath experience through personal artistic expression.

This first edition of Creating Love supports the 501(c)(3) One Spirit Lakota organization, with all proceeds being donated for food, education and other life essentials to over 40,000 Lakota people.

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The generous contributors of this book include:

Abby  Schelew —  Halifax, Nova Scotia
Alison Carter —  Berkeley Springs, WV    
Amy Carroll Lundquist —  Sparta, MI    
Bevin Niemann —  Plano, TX    
Britney Lynn —  Beatrice, NE    
Cameron Ritchie —  Greely, Ontario    
Cel Layne —  Lynchburg, VA    
Colette Pellissier —  Zionsville, IN
Cynthia Busch — Hoffman Estates, IL
David Wagenfeld —  Kalamazoo, MI    
Deb Christiansen —  Schoolcraft, MI    
Diana Catherine Skrutskie  —  Raleigh, NC    
Erika L. Riches —  Lakehurst, NJ    
Fayla —  Evergreen, CO    
Geenie Yourshaw —  Portland, OR    
Jackie Hall —  Pittsburgh, PA    
Jacquelyn —  Mesa, AZ    
Jana A. Gaudaur —  Robb, Alberta    
Janice Sutton —  Warwick, RI    
Jean McCafferty —  Portage, IN    
Jeannette Folan —  Halifax, Nova Scoita    
Jo Grace —  Marquette,   MI    
Juliana Herlaar —  Vancouver Island, British Columbia    
Kelly M. Carlson —  Mt. Prospect, IL    
Krista Renee —  Redlands, CA      
Marcelle Charrois —  Ottawa, Ontario    
Marianne Lachine —  Ontario, Canada    
Mark V Peterson —  Forest Lake, MN    
Meez —  Newcastle, Australia    
Melissa Lawson —  Indian Land, SC    
Melissa Schwartz —  San Diego, CA    
Michael R. Smith —  Kalamazoo, MI    
Niki Meis —  Fort Collins, CO    
Noreen Owens —  Stratham, NH    
Prudence James —  Perth, Australia    
Rachel Nadine Cruz —  Pawtucket, RI    
Renee Munro —  Halifax,   Nova Scotia    
Sasha Waddell —  London, England    
Sheila M Kelly —  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia    
Sophie Rex —  Cobargo, NSW Australia    
Suzanne Balcom —  Halifax,   Nova Scotia    
Terri Kuberski —  Hendersonville, TN      
Tina Wall —  Lynchburg, VA    
Topaz Ruby —  Halifax,   Nova Scotia

If you would like to contribute your creative work to the next edition of the Creating Love book, please send an email to and you will be notified when the project opens.

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Michael you continue to be a blessing in my life....

I can not believe the growth. It was life changing for me! You are the most humble and giving soul. You lead by example, you are genuine and authentic. You want us to go within and learn to develop our own connection with Source. The Safe Space you create is healing and magical. Absolutely Amazing!

- L.M.

How do you say thank you to a role model?

Maybe become a role model for others. I have come so far, and one of the people who has helped me... is you. You are pinnacle to me. On our one-on-one call, I asked if I was allowed to have my spiritual gift (even though I exited the Christian church). You gave me hope and a belief that "I get to be who and what I am". Now, I am hoping to share that with others. Thanks for being your authentic self - as an example for me to be mine.

- GDC, Denver
Written 8 years after our sessions

I have benefited in so many ways.....

The energies you create are so wonderful and beyond my comprehension. I love and appreciate you more than I know how to express. Working with you has saved my life. That might sound a bit dramatic, but I mean it. I don't wake up in the morning feeling lost and full of despair any more.

- N.I.