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Dr. Michael R. Smith

I blend traditional counseling techniques with the use of energetic and spiritual antenna to help empaths and sensitive people make sense of their realities.   I help you to become aware of what is your energy and what is someone else's energy, and then I also teach you how to cope with the sea of energy in which we all live.   In addition to the information coming from your Highest guides (which I write down before the session begins when I meditate), you'll learn powerful techniques to cope with and dump unwanted or lower vibratory energy, especially energy from others. 

I lead you through energy exercises - and I myself can also assist with facilitating a little extra spiritual energy for you if your Highest Self is asking for it.   I have been trained in indigenous energy methods and use those methods sometimes before (and more rarely during sessions) if your situation calls for it.

The energy work facilitates release of lower vibratory energy that will align, balance, and strengthen your aura (energy field).  Imbalances in your chakras are addressed through exercises and flow is restored.    If desired, you can learn about your mission/purpose and your unique gifts and talents that you've chosen in this life.

We will practice affirmations, closely monitoring the ego's creation of narratives and stories.  We work to re-pattern your bad habits of thinking in a fun, fascinating process that leads to laughter and acceptance of ourselves.    

I act as a coach and facilitator - helping you to promote grounding in your own Truth and your own Being.  Perhaps most of all, we work to promote your own authenticity, and voicing of your own highest truth.  In this process, we work collaboratively to refine your Questions so that you will receive the answers for which you are looking.

You can
read what others have said of my work here.

  That's what I live for!  I'm a catalyst and activator!

But there's a catch....I won't work with just anyone.  You have to be ready and willing to make a commitment to yourself...
Are you willing to INVEST in yourself?..

I will provide the guidance, accountability, and tools.  I will do whatever it takes for you.

If you are committed to your own growth and taking ACTION, then SO AM I!

You can read
what others have said of my work, including endorsements from Sonia Choquette and Debra Poneman.


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Intuitive empath coach
Dr. Michael R. Smith
"I felt so incredibly peaceful and serene after the session!!! Thank you so much for taking me through the most wonderful experience!  :)))))))  I want to hug the world!! That's how wonderful I feel!:):):)  I am sincerely grateful, amazed and inspired by everything I'm learning from you, your book, articles and audios!
-Vera, MA
"Thank-you for the Awesome session!  You are so genuine, helpful and for Real!  I look forward to working with you, and Thank the Stars (and Google and the circumstances) that led me to You! Namaste! Thanx again!  Teri S.

"Wow Michael, our session had an amazing, humbling impact on me.  I am convinced this was true guidance. For instance about the mushrooms (i had taken them a few days earlier) you couldn't have personally known.  I have a sense of being guided, and that I have the freedom to live full throttle and still keep the right track."  - Tijmen  

* Learn to dispel negative energy from others.

* Learn protection exercises & techniques.

* Learn grounding techniques.

* Structured exercises to heal trauma.

* Strengthen your intuition & connect with Spirit.

* Learn universal spiritual laws.

* Heart chakra opening, clearing, & healing.

 "You've taught me more than I could ever imagine.  It blows my mind what you've brought to the table.  Anything else other than what you bring seems so sub-par to me I am bored." -R.Walton, TX

"I have had the most wonderful time since we talked.  My heart feels so open to Love.  You truly seem to me to be approaching this empath issue from a much more compassionate direction with methods for me to cope...not avoid how I was created to be.    You have a gift, Michael. "- K. Campbell 

"I can not quite believe how 
powerful this has been. Deeply transforming." -  R. Mitchell, 
"I was not able to find people who could help me before I found you.  After you helped me, I felt wonderful for the first time, and all these beautiful things started to come to me.  It gave me hope that it is possible to really heal."-- V.N

All sessions are 60 minutes of phone time on free international conference line. 

Single sessions are $175/hour.  I also have a sale on packages of Three (3) Sessions for best integration and the discount rate is $425.  A payment plan is available.

I spend one hour prior to each session meditating, and praying/intercessing on your behalf, so you are getting TWO hours of work.


If you are READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE and want to schedule now, please make payment below.  By making payment, you acknowledge you are 100 percent committed to your success and there are NO refunds. You will receive an automatic email with further instructions and you can immediately automatically set your appt. times, wherever you are in the world.  

Click here to make payment for a single session ($175) and you'll get an email immediately.

Click here to make payment for a three session package ($425) and you'll get an email immediately.

 "You're providing insights and techniques that are bringing great relief to me so I can just exist without turmoil that's not my own."
-Sara, PA

"Just read from last year's reading that you did.  Goose bumps mania!  The reading that you gave, is on course exactly word for word."   

"Michael, you are a true gift. I am grateful that you helped me to clear some of the negative energies around my heart chakra. There has definately been a block there for quite some time. You have an amazing gift of healing."
"Thank you for being in my Life.....I truly, truly mean it.  I think this is a FIRST in this Life-time....that I am truly excited about & trusting the future !!). Jim
"Awesome, Michael, just awesome."


* Because of demand, sessions are usually booked 3-4 weeks in advance.  Most clients find that it's worth the wait!

Prior to our consultation, I create a sacred space for you in front of my altar and I prepare for our session.  I use several large crystals and burn sage, sweetgrass, and incense to clear any discordant energy.  I will then proceed to enter a light trance state and using spiritual and intuitive abilities, I usually receive specific information and intuitive guidance which I collect and write down and which is sometimes brought up during the session if it's for your Highest Good.  I should emphasize however that my sessions are not to be considered intuitive counseling sessions, they are 'coaching' sessions and they are primarily based on what you yourself want to talk about and your own specific intentions, questions, themes, and desires.  Once in awhile, Spirit may want to bring something up that you should know, and so I will do that if I sense it's for your Highest Good. Read my personal story here.
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