Intuitive Soul Readings for
health, prosperity & purpose.

Very limited spaces available
with Dr. Michael R. Smith


Need some confirmation and CLARITY on your life direction and decisions that you are considering?   

Sometimes we just need clear directives and nudges from Spirit to keep us on track.  I am so grateful to be gifted with Spirt the ability to 'read' your Soul and hear from your guides on the Other Side.

These readings are unique in that I tune into your soul, working together Higher Self to Higher Self, and I then present the information that will help you make the best decisions about your health, relationships, finances, work, and your life mission and path based on what I am perceiving from your own Soul.

My name is Michael R. Smith, and I have been a professional spirit medium and healing practitioner for the last 17 years. I started 'hearing' the voice of Spirit in my early adulthood after commiting myself to working on behalf of the Divine. As the founder of Empath Connection, it's true that my work has reached millions worldwide, and for that I am both dumbfounded and grateful.

I listen and feel very closely to your soul essence to help us discern, with clarity, what it is that you are asking for, underneath any confusion.

What questions do you have for the Universe?    After you book a session, this will be the first question I ask you on your session intake form.  It's the foundation of our work together.

We are all one, and I look forward to meeting you and creating beauty together!      

The Benefits of an Intuitive Soul Reading:

  • Receive specific messages and wisdom from your spiritual guides (including angelic connections) that will provide you with comfort and guidance from the other realms.
  • The soul reading wisdom includes specific nudges, prompts, directives (and even questions) to you from Spirit to keep you in alignment with your  soul's path.
  • Learn about your unique spirit animals and spirit guides in the animal kingdom and how to harness these.
  • Get clarity on your life's work, spiritual Service, and dharma.  We will explore areas of Service for you to focus on that will be highly supported by the Divine.
  • Receive wisdom on the best timing this year to make major decisions,
  • Receive specific and clear guidance on how to improve your physical health, including recommendations for herbs and dietary strategies that will resonate most deeply, at this moment, with your body. I have a special affinity for medical intuition and locating the root cause of issues, along with recommendations for health.
  • Chakra analysis - which chakras are functioning in Balance - and what you need to do to bring them into full alignment.

with Dr. Michael R. Smith

Sometimes, despite our work to connect with Spirit, it's easier to hear clear messages from Spirit when they are presented from a Divine messenger.  That's where I, Michael Smith, am grateful to assist you!

Soul readings are designed for those who are ready to follow the guidance of SPIRIT and the nudges, directives, and actions that are presented to you for your adoption.

Sacred Service & Life Mission/Dharma Guidance
Physical Health (Medical Intuitive Readings)
Financial Guidance
Professional/Career Guidance
Relationship Guidance


1) What happens when I book?   
You will receive an email with a link to schedule on my calendar within 4-9 weeks. I will ask you to fill out a BRIEF form with a concise listing of the top 3-4 questions upon which you would like us to focus. I prefer not to receive any details of your concerns other than the questions themselves, which I use as a tool to focus on your energy.

2) What's the difference between a regular private session (therapeutic) and a soul reading?   
Soul readings are designed to bring you quick, clear answers to specific questions you have.  They are more directive in that I share what I am hearing from Spirit about your current situation and give an overview of choices you might be asked to make. Therapeutic sessions are more directed by you - and focused on sharing your experience so that you can process limiting beliefs and emotions out of your system and be more connected to your Divine Self (on a regular basis).

3) Do you advice on legal or financial matters?   
This work is spiritual in nature and I do not offer any legal or medical or financial advice.  I present best case scenarios as to what I perceive and then you are free to use your logic and intuition to make a decision.   The information presented is designed to help you GROW and EVOLVE in alignment with your Divine Blueprint and Soul Contract. We jointly discuss options and your choices, and I present the information as a 'nudge' to keep you on track.

4) What can I expect?   You can expect the unexpected.  You can expect some surprises. I ask you to be open and release any notions of what to expect. Sometimes, often, there will be information that comes through that is totally unrelated to your original questions, but is meant for your Highest Good. Often what is presented may not make sense until some time has passed, so please be OPEN to receive.  The more expectations you have, the less successful the reading will be.

5) Will you read other people for me?    No.  This is meant to connect you with your own Higher Self and soul.  As a part of this reading, I can sense when certain relationships are to be avoided, dissolved, or in need of healing. That is common - however, I will never focus my energy on reading the soul of anyone other than YOU.

6) Can I buy a reading for someone else?  
No.   All clients must schedule and pay for their own appointments.

7) Why is the price higher than a normal session? 
It takes a tremendous energy and time for me to prepare for the session. I go into deep meditation on your behalf prior to, and during, the session.

8) Can I ask 'on the spot' questions that come up during the session?   
Absolutely, yes.

9) Do I need to do anything special to prepare?   
Yes.  Please set an intention that you receive information for your Highest Good.  Quiet your energy before the session so you can receive. Then, simply relax.  If you are meant to know something, it will be revealed.  If you are not meant to know something, your Guides will steer us clear of that topic.  On the session form, I will ask you to acknowledge that Spirit is in charge of what is revealed.


*  It is not a mediumship reading.  
These sessions are not designed for you to connect with loved ones in Spirit, although ancestors and loved ones do occasionally 'pop in' and make an appearance to make their Presence known if it would contribute to your healing, growth, and evolution.
* It is not 'fortune telling' or entertainment.
 Go elsewhere if that's what you seek.
* I do not use oracle cards or any other tools of divination.
 I simply quiet my mind and after invoking a ritual of protection for us both, I go DIRECT and receive information and guidance from your own Higher Self.
* I do not and will not 'predict' your future.
. Yes, I can sense how things might play out.  I am given information to pass along to you so that you can then feel confident and inspired to TAKE ACTION so that you can co-create with Spirit and the Divine. Your own free will is respected and affirmed above all else. IF it's deemed in your best interests by Spirit, I may be led to share potential developments that MAY happen in the future (such as illnesses) - so that you can steer clear of these challenges.
* I only work with those who already have TRUST and FAITH in the Divine.  
If you come into a soul reading with skepticism or any attempt to 'test' me -  then the readings will simply not work and you will have wasted your money and both of our time.
* This is not (always) about 'you'.  A soul reading is meant to help you find creative ways to be both a better human being and a better Divine Servant who helps others.  Thus, the readings are focused on ultimately helping you SERVE others while supporting yourself in Divine Balance - and receiving guidance at the same time.
* It's not just, or always, rainbows, sparkles, and Sunshine- Sometimes Spirit needs to deliver messages that are meant to light a fire underneath you, with the utmost of Love and compassion, of course.  If you have been complacent, whether you are conscious of that or not, Spirit will pass along loving, encouraging, gentle but direct messages, depending on your unique needs.

"I have never felt as spiritually connected as I did last night. These sessions are amazing; the work is presented on a different plane (if that makes sense). That one session is the equivalent of 20 books to me; I seriously could never have energetically taken in so much on my own."

- Jennifer M.-
"Michael's energy is incredibly high vibrational so it resounds across energy field.   Raising your vibration by being in the company of an extraordinarily high vibrational teacher is one of the reasons people go to ashrams in Tibet, India, etc. His energy is very balanced so it will balance yours out, as well. That was why ascended masters like Christ and Buddha manifest such profound changes in people just by being in the room. The small little peak of conscious is what is discussed in sessions, but there's a mountain going on beneath it..."
- Carissa Schumacher, Channel for Yeshua & NY Times author of
"Thank you, Dearest Michael. I am so deeply grateful that God sent you into my life. The Peace I felt at the end of our time yesterday was powerful...could have almost levitated off the the couch!! 🙌🙏😇🌟 My Mom took one look at me & said 'I knew how important this appointment with Michael was going to actually, look like yourself.' She rejoices with me in this healing.May the healing continue....can’t wait for our next session"

- Shay
"THANK YOU SO MUCH for our exquisite session today. Our session was the equivalent for me of hundreds of sessions with my beloved friend, Asia. Your energies are both so deeply connected to the Divine. What a blessing you are to the world. Deep bows & Namaste"

- Suzie G.

Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring


Needing clarity on health, money, work, or relationships?  This 44 minute session, recorded on Zoom for your convenience, includes information retrieved by Michael from your Spirit Guides, and your own Higher Self.

GIven that you have free will, nothing from Spirit is ever presented as a mandate.  The final 10-15 minutes of the session will be us working through your reactions to the information, together, so that you can commit to doing the things that your Higher Self is asking you to do.  

After purchase, you'll get an immediate email from me with further instructions, including my calendar link to book. Usually 4-9 week wait.

Initial Rate
for 45 minute reading

Purchase a READING

What are other SESSION options?


Should you need a session within a week, you can book an emergency private session for $475. This is NOT available for soul readings.

I will commit to fitting you in my schedule within 4-10 days.

Purchase Emergency Session


These sessions are designed for your ultimate personal transformation.  In these sacred sessions, I will hold space for you to process your thoughts, energy, and emotions.  You will receive guidance on how to change and release the limiting thoughts that are holding you back, along with specific affirmations and practices to change your energy and your life.  

These sessions are designed not as soul readings but to give you the space to voice your concerns, be heard, seen, nurtured, and encouraged to make deep and lasting personal transformation. Therapeutic session clients are offered timeslots on Tuesdays at 11 am Eastern or 8 pm Eastern or Wednesdays at 11 am Eastern, or Thursdays at Noon Eastern.

If you need a different time, I may be able to work with you- just ask me here.

We connect on my Zoom video conferencing line. All sessions are recorded for later reflection.

Single sessions expire 4 months after purchase.  A payment plan is available for all options. By making payment, you agree that you are 100% committed and that there are no refunds.

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Read more testimonials.

Michael you continue to be a blessing in my life....

I can not believe the growth. It was life changing for me! You are the most humble and giving soul. You lead by example, you are genuine and authentic. You want us to go within and learn to develop our own connection with Source. The Safe Space you create is healing and magical. Absolutely Amazing!

- L.M.

Working with you has saved my life....

That might sound a bit dramatic, but I mean it. I don't wake up in the morning feeling lost and full of despair any more. I love and appreciate you more than I know how to express.

- Niki

Michael's energy is incredibly high vibrational....

so it resounds across your energy field if you let it in.   Raising your vibration by being in the company of an extraordinarily high vibrational teacher is one of the reasons many people go to ashrams in Tibet, India, etc. His energy is very balanced so it will tend to balance yours out. That was why ascended masters like Christ and Buddha manifest such profound changes in people just by being in the room. The small little peak of conscious is what is discussed in sessions but there's a mountain going on beneath it..."

Carissa Schumacher , Channel for Yeshua and NY Times author of THE FREEDOM TRANSMISSIONS

The energies you create are so wonderful and beyond my comprehension.....

I have the most amazing update. I made the medicine wheel like you told me.... and set up a little bench for meditation right beside it.

On the first day that I walked the wheel backwards as you had instructed, I laid down on the bench to meditate and at some point I opened my eyes.

As I was looking at the sky, I started to notice a bunch of swirling spots of light against the blue sky near the trees just above me. I was like, what the hell is that? So I looked closer and I saw what looked like living dots of universal light swirling around.Upon closer inspection, they seemed to be thoughtfully feeding the trees,  

If that's not magical, I don't know what is! I've seen them three times now. My wish was granted - literally! I am SO grateful and happy.  I love and appreciate you more than I know how to express. THANK YOU!!

-Tara F.