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Dr. Michael Smith has created this short 10-question quiz to help you understand if you are an empath, and if so, what type you are.
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Which best describes your feelings about nature? I always prefer to be indoors.
I enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors and nature.
I routinely seek out experiences in nature; it is critical to my well-being (at least once a week).

Which best describes your feelings about being in public places (e.g. a mall)? I am never overwhelmed in public places.
I sometimes avoid public places because of being overwhelmed.
I ROUTINELY avoid public places because I am easily overwhelmed.

Which best describes your awareness of your body's energy, especially around my heart or throat areas: I don't pay much attention to the quality of energy in my body.
I often notice pain or restrictions in my body's energy.
When I notice energy blocks, I find ways to routinely dissolve and clear the blocks.

Which best describes your experiences with crying? I hardly ever cry.
I cry fairly easily, and I usually feel better after.
I never hold back my tears, even in public or in front of others.

Which best describes your views: Feeling other people's emotions can sometimes be a burden.
I am not sure if I can accurately sense the emotions of others.
Even though I may sense someone's pain, anger, or sadness, I find ways to cope and release that energy.

Which best describes your ability to express yourself? I do not care what others think of me, and thus, I have no trouble expressing my opinions.
I find that I sometimes hold back my true thoughts and feelings.
Regardless of what others might think, I am ALWAYS able to share my opinions in a respectful and caring manner.

People are drawn to me & pour out their stories to me: Not very often.
This is a routine occurrence.

I can always tell when someone is sad, even if they appear happy. I have a difficult time sensing others' emotions.
This is a routine occurrence.
Always; it is very hard to fool me.

Which best describes your beliefs toward intuition?: I do not rely on intuition.
I sometimes doubt my intuition and would like to better trust it.
I constantly monitor what my intuition is telling me.

Which best describes your experience: I rarely, if ever, sense the emotions of others.
Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing my own emotions/sensations from those of others.
I am almost ALWAYS aware if an emotion or sensation is my own, or if it originates from someone else.

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