Why Empaths are Not 'Special'

I am going to speak to something today that is a little different from the message I have been sharing for over a decade.

 Empaths are not 'Special.'  

Oh my goodness, did you hear that correctly?  

Yes you did.  

The potential in each one of us exists on every single person in the entire planet.  There is a reason why so many are identifying with the term empath. It describes an ability to 'perceive' energy that every single person on the planet has. We ALL have the potential to perceive the energy of others, and the environment around us.  Yes, even 'narcissists' and 'sociopaths'.   Maybe you disagree, and perhaps that even triggers you.  Great. If so, ask yourself why.   I bet it has something to do with the belief that you're different from another.

Think about how you discovered you were an 'empath'.  I would be willing to bet that for most of us, it was through the direct intervention of a single individual who suggested or told you that you were.    You went and googled the term to learn more, took a quiz, and wow, you identified with someone else's story and experience.  Your mind had a label that made things easy and simple.  Way to go, mind.  You did your job, you helped make sense of a complex world.

We are at the point now in our evolution where we are moving beyond mere labels 'empath' or 'HSP' and into something much greater.  We are moving into the realization that we are all ONE.  

What does that mean?  Well, for a start, it means that our 'gifts' and 'abilities' and 'skills' are something that lay dormant in every one of us.

As YOU awaken, then by default, everyone else around you awakens and CHANGES.  

By awakening, I simply mean that you realize that you are a reflection of the world around you, and vice versa.  Awakening means changing, in the best possible ways.  And that when you change, so does the world.  In small and big ways that you are not given access to.    

It means that we are no longer believing that we are the 'only one' - a subconscious belief that many of us have held for years, because we were having experiences that were so odd, so different, so 'weird' that we believed that sharing those would mean judgment from others.  

Not anymore.  It's time to come out of that isolated closet.  That's what's happening.  WE ARE ONE. There is no difference between the one you perceive yourself to be 'so different' from, even though that person (at this point) may judge you to be 'crazy' or 'weird' or 'different'.  

It's your job to call bullshit on yourself.  We don't have time to be in isolation anymore.  Have you experienced the world around you?  Have you experienced the fear?  Or course you have.  And it's your job now to stop it.  By speaking your truth.  

It's REQUIRED.  We cannot be complacent and think it will happen 'in time.'  We are at a bifurcation point, a tipping point.  Your decision to share your truth, whatever it may be, whether it's that you are addicted to food or substances or love or sex or social media, it simply allows others to do the same.    And speaking your truth is the first step required in order to allow for acceptance, non-judgement, and then ultimately, if needed, change.

If you think you're the 'only one' dealing with the challenges of your life, you would be shocked.  We all hide our bullshit from the world.  For a good reason, because we perceive that we would be persecuted or judged.  

What if, instead of judgement for our truth, we were liberators?  Of ourselves, AND by default, OTHERS?  

Hmm....what if?  

What if I told you that all the while I was preaching about good diet, for decades, I was secretly using junk food and sugar to comfort me after I got done with client sessions?  And that I was using diet pills to lose the weight that I gained as a result?   Would that help you to know that what I was going through, you were, perhaps, also?  

So you, deep in the Bible belt, what if you were to share the truth you have KNOWN your entire life, that you are an Earth child at heart, and that you use crystals and talk to trees?

What if you shared the term 'empath' with someone close to you?  

And in that label, in Divine time, they came to understand that it's simply a term for the human mind to conceptualize that all is energy, all of it moves from person to person, and that we all are affected by the actions, beliefs, thoughts of others?

What if?    

It's time.   To acknowledge your connection to others, in concrete ways that promote ONENESS, not separation.

What can you do today?   Make a post on your social media?   Share your story of anxiety or depression or addiction or relationships with a friend or even co-worker?  You influence the world than you think or know.  

How can you be vulnerable and take a risk?   To share your HUMANITY with another, not just your natural compassion.  Sharing your compassion is easy.

What you may perceive as harder is to expose and illuminate your own TRUTH, whatever that may be.   Warts and all.

How will you contribute to the awakening of the world?  

I pray it will include your own truth.

Please feel invited to share your authentic, true self by connecting with members of your 'soul family' united in a group field of Love.   We invite you to consider joining our high vibrational Empath Discovery Circle, a new membership community for empaths.  We offer live Zoom ceremonies, events, and classes, and even a mobile app for social media interaction.  We would benefit from your Presence, as you will benefit from ours.


Michael Smith

P.S. PLEASE, if you resonate with these words, share your story and truth by commenting.

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