The Reason Why Empaths Experience Autoimmune Illness

When I committed to working with Yeshua energy in January, I was told my needs would be met.

Little did I know that my 'needs' this year would involve a neuromuscular and autoimmune challenge, one that has no doubt been borne of pollution in the ecosystem of Earth.

I have always carried the genetic predisposition toward neuromuscular issues with this running in multiple generations of my family. That particular seed was activated by some low-vibe habits that I am now letting go of.

I have shared with many of you that my primary addiction, for many years, was to food. I used food, especially salty snack foods, and processed foods like pizza, Cheetos, and Doritos - to soothe the hangover feeling that empaths get when in the presence of lower-vibratory energy.

I thought I had cleaned the junk food up, mostly, in 2019. And yet I never considered milk junk food. Unfortunately, it is.

This year has taught me much about the absolutely devastating impact that chemicals, pollution, and heavy metal contamination have had on the entire planet, and especially sensitive people, often experienced through an unsustainable food delivery system.

Pollution is everywhere. And Gaia needs YOU to heal this disharmony.

The universe needs you to make changes.

And if you resist those changes, your needs will often be met through the Universe 'playing hardball' with you to take its invitation to heal seriously.

And the Universe is now providing a wonderful opportunity to do just that - by inviting me to radically alter my diet so that it no longer includes energies that don't serve the needs of the All.

I have been told by Spirit for YEARS about the importance of heavy metal pollution. When I go into meditation on behalf of my individual clients, I have often heard clairaudiently that heavy metals have been a huge contributing factor as to why 70% of empaths and sensitive people have autoimmune issues.

Here's one explanation for this high number:  empaths are designed to be more sensitive to everything, for a very good reason. So we can know what needs to be healed, directly through our own internal experience of the 'external' world, in us.

My own knowing has occurred through hearing that 'chelation' from heavy metals is important to heal the underlying personal and global dis-ease. When that got dropped into my consciousness, I had no idea what chelation even was. After first hearing it, I had to google it, and when I did, it made sense in the context of what my individual client was dealing with.

And I never thought that it was I that needed to use chelation until now.

So...I am purifying the body by using natural heavy metal detoxifiers like cilantro liquid extract, blueberries, chlorella and spirulina, and especially the mineral Zeolite in nano form.

If you have autoimmune issues and aren't aware of these gifts from Gaia, please investigate - they are the natural personal healing solution to a massive global problem.

I have been using my 'spiritual google' - my connection to my soul and Higher Self and guides and angels - to ask for accurate information on how to heal this physical vessel.

And those needs are being met. In the most beautiful of ways, through Gaia.

Spirit is gifting one or two words (dropped into my head), that make no sense to my logical mind, and when I 3D google them, the dots are connected.

I had no idea what chlorella was until I heard Yeshua mention it to me 3 weeks ago. At first, I thought He was talking about cholera. In a pandemic year, yes, it can be confusing :)

Because of my small personal changes, a subtle and yet important shift in our ecosystem gets amplified.

And when we All start moving in this way, using our own spiritual google, then a TECTONIC shift occurs.

That is the gift of 2020.

I trust, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will heal. As will we All.


If you have a question about something in your life that you KNOW you need to change, just ask.

Ask your own soul.

Your soul is 5 minutes away.

Still your mind for 5 minutes instead of running for Facebook or Instagram, and Spirit is ready to gift you with knowings, feelings, chills, words, revelations, insights, and ultimately, celebrations.

I am on a 4-day Facebook fast right now, and it feels utterly fantastic, more like a vision quest!

Right now, that is what I need.

And I am paying attention to that more than ever.

In Beauty,

Michael S.

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