Are you a Divine Activator Healer Empath?

Now that you've learned that you're an empath, you might be asking, "what do I do with this knowledge?"

This question leads us to an important step to empath empowerment, becoming a Divine Activator empath. The definition of an empathic Divine Activator is "a clear spiritual vessel who purposefully creates Light vibrations through a union of body and Mind in an effort to help heal oneself, and if you choose, others."

There are two phases to becoming a Divine Activator, otherwise known as an empath healer or empath who has healing abilities.

First, you must decide whether to engage your natural 'healing' and helping ability. All empaths have certain gifts of helping others, most importantly all of us Activate others through our Divine Presence (carrying a high baseline vibration that allows other people to feel good in your presence).   Because of this, empaths are sometimes drained because other people may 'dump' their stories on you. Sound familiar?

Almost every empath I've worked with has some form of limiting belief or wounding in which you may mistakenly believe that you are 'less than' or 'not good enough.'  This is because you may mistake your ability to FEEL and PERCEIVE others' wounded or low vibratory energy as that of your own. If you sponge or absorb energy from others, that's a sign that you've got a high baseline vibration that can take lower vibes and turn it into something lighter.

However ,just because you can help others in this way, that does not mean you must engage in the act of helping or 'healing' others.  For many of us, because we are of the Light and want to help, our default programming is to jump in to help others through offering our energy. When we do it too much, we get overwhelmed, stressed, and drained of energy.   Learning to set boundaries with others and say no is an important skill of an empowered empath.

Second, if you DO decide to engage your helping abilities, then you must have an understanding that you will be a world traveler. Empowered empaths who act as Divine Activators understand that you have the ability to interact with other forms of consciousness, and energies. One of the most prevalent consciousnesses with which we interact are Shadow energies.

Harnessing the Power of the Shadow Energy

"One day you will fight demons," my spiritual mentor told me. I thought this notion quite ridiculous at the time. Demon is a loaded word, as is the word "evil."

As Divine Activator empaths, we routinely experience both polarities of existence - love and fear.

Before my first important spiritual ceremony, my mentor put me through a traditional tribal initiation ritual. He led me out into the woods, placed me in a circle of rocks, and asked me to focus only on the sun and sky. Then he started to cover me in horse manure. I had known this was coming, so I was somewhat prepared.

Even when he sprayed me down with water, to make it disgustingly wet, I didn't flinch. The sun was shining through the trees, and I chose to focus on the sun and the heat that felt so good against my skin. Before long, I didn't even realize that I was covered in manure.

What is important to note here is that shadow is a motivator for changing our focus. When we are aware of shadow and darkness, we can LOVE it into the Light and transmute it through acceptance and a little TLC.

Action Step: Befriending the Shadow

Although your shadow never leaves you; it will lessen its hold on you over time if you love and accept yourself exactly as you are, flaws and all. You may choose to write your worst 'shadowy' thoughts on a piece of paper and place this on your sacred space altar, or somewhere where you will see it. Take one minute each day to say the mantra 'I love and accept all parts of me, including my shadow parts.' Over time, this practice will help dissolve the impact of the shadow on your life.

We empaths as a part of the collective are learning to see fear as an opportunity and motivator for change, not something to ignore. Fear or shadow is natural; it is a part of God. Unknown to itself, the shadow serves God. And the fear right now that we see displayed daily in the world is part of a Higher plan to which we are not privy to the details.

Once we fully accept our own 'garbage', we can better help people through activating the Light.

And in case no one has reminded you today, you are doing amazing work in the world, simply by showing up, breathing, and activating your DIvine Presence for others!

For more information on how you can activate and truly FEEL your own Light energy, work with me in any of the 4 empath training options, and you'll experience directly the process to which this article is referring.

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