Anxiety Is Not an Empath's Enemy

If you're like most empaths, experiencing anxiety is one of the biggest issues you may face. You may very well have gone to your physician or therapist seeking help. God knows I was on that merry-go-round for awhile, and perhaps like me, traditional approaches aren't working for you, or offer only temporary relief.

That's because anxiety is not to be treated as your enemy. It's actually your friend.

How could something so unpleasant actually be my friend, you say? Well, let's get at what is at the heart of what anxiety (in most cases) really is.

Anxiety, in many cases, is simply energy that wants to move.

Anxiety is energy that you either feel from others (that overwhelms your empath nervous system) or energy that originates in yourself because of internalized fears or limiting beliefs.

Whatever the origin, it is simply energy that wants to be acknowledged and expressed, rather than suppressed. What may have worked for you in the past (ignoring, denying, repressing) is probably no longer working.

So. . .what to do?

First of all, because you're an empath, know that a lot of the overwhelming feelings you perceive are NOT YOURS. Have you noticed, the collective energy in the world is absolutely bonkers!? It's a reflection of the Light, actually. So much light is being created and flooding the planet that it's bringing our deepest wounds, shadows, fears, and secrets to the surface. This often takes the form of anxiety, which can be resistance to these things coming up.

It doesn't matter whether the resistance is yours or not, the fact that you're an empath and can feel it means that it's your job to feel it and therefore heal it. And that means surrender.

When we surrender and ALLOW the energy to move in us, really FEEL it instead of suppressing it, that's when you become what we call a hollow tube, or hollow bone. Empowered empaths have learned to let energy flow in their bodies, and know that feeling lower vibratory energy is usually temporary.

When you're hollow and energy can flow freely in your field and body (from top down and from bottom up), then whatever you perceive from the world (or other people) doesn't 'stick'.

You will always perceive the energy of others; there is nothing you can do to turn it off. However, when you raise your vibes, clean yourself out energetically, and take good care of yourself (diet, exercise, daily rituals), then whatever you feel will pass quickly through you, like a screen, and won't get stuck in you.

Next time you have anxiety, acknowledge that it's energy that wants to move or be expressed. Don't resist it, let it flow and perhaps give it expression through using your voice. Often when we suppress our authentic truth, we feel anxiety. So speak your truth, and start with yourself.

Dialogue with your anxiety as if it were a person or friend. Treat it as your ally, and ask it 'is there a message you are trying to teach me'. What comes up for you?

When you do this, you lessen any resistance that might be present and that simple acknowledgement is often enough to get the energy to dissolve or pass.

If you'd like to experience the pure, blissful state of being anxiety-free, book a personal intuitive empath healing session with me and you'll feel very quickly a positive difference in your life.   Your former state of being energetically blocked and overthinking/doubting will be very quickly replaced with feelings of Pure, Source energy that will leave you lighter and clearer.

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