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Feature Article 
By Michael R. Smith, Ph.D.

    If you met L.D. Porter on the street, you’d perhaps assume he was a goat rancher.   His preferred attire includes dilapidated jeans and the occasional muddied boots. He drives a 1988 Chevrolet Blazer. And yet, despite these outward appearances, this man has reached rather extraordinary heights over the last several years, working as a distance healer, with a devoted following including many empaths, whose clients swear by his abilities.

   What I can do, and what I will attempt to do here, is simply explain, with a journalist’s eye, what I myself have experienced as an observer of one of the more remarkable and enigmatic individuals I have ever encountered.

    Like many individuals, I have longed to go beyond the borders of what is considered mainstream thought.  In countless attempts to transcend culture (and perhaps even space and time), I’ve traveled the globe, questing for authentic spiritual experiences. I’ve been to Mayan temples in Mexico and traversed deep into the jungles of Thailand seeking spiritual answers  (e.g. ,think Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat Pray Love’). And yet nothing I’ve encountered in those exotic locations compares to the gentle simplicity of an affable Texan who heals clients using only his mind.  

    At first glance, nothing about L.D. Porter (click to visit his website) resembles other top healers like Braco, John of God, or Mahendra Trivedi.  L.D. claims to do his best work in his bathrobe, while laying in a trance state in bed.   Intrigued by this description, I asked to observe one of his distance healing phone sessions.  After a little cajoling, L.D. agreed, and I was treated to about 30 minutes of silence interspersed with the occasional joke about Texas, where L.D. was born.   

    The testimonials on his site are quite relevatory.  “When I first spoke to L.D., I was spending my days in bed due to end stage emphysema cancer, and I thought my days were over," a Ms. Laird said.  "After a couple of weeks speaking to L.D., I am living again.  I don't really understand what happened while I was speaking to L.D., but whatever it was it got me up and going.”   

      Other client reports emerged regarding relief from fibromyalgia, anxiety, and chronic fatigue syndrome that built up through years of taking on other people's energy.  Said Sue Peak of her experiences seeking healing from whole-body pain: "My whole body is starting to feel calmer and like it is being filled with a yummy flowing sensation.  It's as if I am getting an internal massage.  I'm perceiving everything differently too, in a higher and expanded way.”  

    So, the question remained:  how does a man laying on a bed in a bathrobe in New Mexico help heal a person 2,000 miles away, with a self-proclaimed success rate of 80 percent, seemingly using AT&T as his only tool?    “I simply go to an area of the body with my mind," said L.D., "and I re-pattern it back to health, like an artist working with molding clay.” 

    L.D. explained that referred to his preferred healing technique of  “body scanning,”  in which he uses his mind to look at the client "like a TV screen" through which he can remove blocks in the client's physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic functioning.   “I release my own will and go to the ‘mind’ of something higher than myself,” L.D. reported.  “Then, I simply imagine health. It is this imagery that heals, and every one of us has this abillity.”  

    Now at age 60, LD has spent the last 10 years engrossed in a distance healing practice that occupies 12 hours of every day, with barely a day off.  He can only see about 5 clients per day, he said, and is careful to prevent the burnout that was experienced by one of his idols, psychic Edgar Cayce. 

     These days, LD generally resists any further attempt to dissect his methods, and most interview requests from radio and TV.   He is a simple man, whose motto is “no commercialism, no phonyness.”   He recently published a book about healing, Awakening the Genesis Within, that took three years to complete, and only after going through a series of editors who wanted him to be more “commercial.”   He turned to me to help him complete the book.  Respecting his wishes for simplicity, I was honored to assist and co-author his book..

     I asked LD if he had any ‘spiritual truths’ to share.  He paused, looked toward the sky, and then placed the fingers of both hands together.  I was ready for a capstone moment.  Then I heard the following:  “You have the have the other side of the road before the chicken or the egg.  Neither one is possible without the other side of the road,” he proclaimed.  

    I laughed, harder than I have in weeks.  After doing so, I realized that perhaps he was working some healing magic on me?  And only now, after reflecting on the time I spent with this most unusual, exceptional man, do I realize that I feel physically and mentally better than I have in a long time.

    And that, just like the healing experiences of many of L.D.’s clients, defies all logical explanation. 






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