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Live and self-paced programs for empaths

Learn Empath Mastery and Protect Your Energy

In this 45-minute online class, you'll learn practical steps to be free from others' low vibe energy and stop the cycle of overwhelm and stress.

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Registration will open again in September 2020

This program was created exclusively for empaths who are awakening to their purpose and power. The information, exercises, tools and community you gain from this program will stay with you on your entire empath journey.

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Self-Study Class on Self-Judgement

Have you had enough of the energy of self-blame, guilt, fear, judgement & criticism?

In this 90-minute recording of a recent live pop-up class, you'll learn effective, fun processes for moving your inner judge out of your life.
Includes 3 downloadable bonus exercises.

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The 5 Pillars of
Empath Empowerment

Join me for a free 60-min group training class with a Q&A at end where you'll learn the 5 necessary 'Pillars' of becoming an empowered empath.

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