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First Zoom Circle Wed. Nov 18th

Commit to YOURSELF

Imagine if...

You could learn the skills to become empowered empath - so that you aren't exhausted & fatigued from other people's energy.

You could FEEL a stronger connection to your Higher Self, your spirit guides, and Divine Source energy?  

You amplified your Trust in the Universe - so that you overcame your doubts and brought ALIGNMENT and CLARITY.

Join us in the Empath Discovery Circle......for inspiration and nourishment.

The Empath Discovery CircleSupport & Wisdom to become an empowered empath!

The Empath Discovery Circle exists to prevent you from experiencing overwhelm, stress, and fatigue that is all too common for empaths & sensitive people.  

You are NOT designed to suffer or carry anyone else's burdens.

And in this Circle, you will discover how to move past your limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions, & behaviors.  

The Discovery Circle is borne of my deep desire to connect empaths together in co-creation and union with the Divine to experience magic. It's a supportive and nurturing community that will lead to levels of self love and connection to Source/Spirit that you may not have yet experienced.

Joy, Simplicity, Truth, Authenticity, Passion, Peace, Prosperity, Abundance, Gratitude....

These are the energies you are moving into.

In our monthly live Zoom calls, and in the weekly YOUTUBE live video streams, you will learn to prevent fatigue, stress, exhaustion and overwhelm.

You will learn & discover processes so that you are not hurt by other people's energies. You can choose to engage your powers and gifts wisely.  With Balance.

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"Michael's Empath Academy was amazing.  I didn't want it to end. Michael is an extraordinary teacher who thoughtfully crafted a powerful curriculum. He's so engaging and gives 100% of himself in this course. I felt honored to be a part of the sacred space he created. Thank you Michael and every one of my classmates for a wonderful time!  I'm so excited to continue learning and helping others with the information I received from this course."
- Christina Knowles
"This has been just an amazing experience.  I know we have all grown from this experience.  The energy work is just life changing.  You have no idea.  Before I used to try to calm down from books, and I had no idea I wasn't in my body. So being able to work this way is just huge, the other half of the coin that I was missing.
- Jennifer M.
"If you're on the fence about this, I can personally vouch how life-changing this was for me. I took this course exactly a year ago, and Michael is such a gifted, compassionate, loving, and safe teacher. I am still friends to this day with my fellow classmates because you grow so close to them. Do it! You won't be disappointed."  
- Patricia Morris
"Today, I feel good. That unrelenting pressure is finally off. I slept. Woke up sweet, playful, loving and without much physical pain. So thank you Michael Smith and fellow empaths for your gentle loving gifts. This energy is showing up in deep contrast to what I was experiencing recent weeks"  
- Thomas G.
"I participated in the Empath Academy with Michael and I have to say it was life changing! If you are considering it, I highly recommend going for it! It was amazing how quickly our group connected so deeply, the energy the group created together and how the experience opened me up, gave me clarity and catapulted me forward. The practical and empowering skills I learned to help navigate the world and my energy have been invaluable! I recommend you do what you can to participate in the upcoming group, it's an amazing gift to your body, mind and spirit ... and to the world :)"
Beth Rollison
"I struggle to find the words to articulate what being part of the empath academy meant to me. It changed my life. I felt so surrounded by love and peace. These tools I will use for the rest of my life, but there was also a whole higher level of learning.  For those considering future Empath Academies, with all my heart, I urge you to register!  You will be so glad that you did. Michael created a comfortable environment in which the shyest of us felt we could share. He led gently and was so down to earth and I appreciated feeling so safe.  He is so incredible.  The group members were so gifted and generous with their gifts and we now share a strong bond. Thank you, thank you. I will never forget the opportunity to be a part of the academy."
- Shanna G.,  Sandy, Utah

The Empath Discovery Circle will help you to:

  • Release low self-worth and embody unconditional self love and acceptance
  • Discover energy techniques so that you’ll be free of other people’s energy
  • Create healthy boundaries so that you can finally put yourself first.
  • Trust your Spiritual connection & intuition to receive clarity
  • Release addictions to food, substances, overworking, distractions, & worry
  • Activate more prosperity. As you vibrate higher, your manifesting abilities increase exponentially :) 
  • Let go of the old energy you've been carrying from the past

Learn empowerment skills (Selected topics):

  • Stop absorbing  - how to protect your own energy
  • Clarity on Life Purpose:  How to use your gifts to Serve others/Divine
  • The importance of diet & food as healing for empaths
  • Coping with ascension symptoms & kundalini awakening.
  • Shadow Work:  Excavating hidden, judged, & repressed emotions for healing
  • SELF LOVE:  Techniques to release judgment & bring the Light
  • Engaging the throat chakra & speaking your authentic truth
  • Setting boundaries with energy vampires
  • Coping with autoimmune illness as an empath
  • Identifying and working with Animal Guides & Allies
  • Working with the Medicine Wheel - gridwork with Earth element energy.
  • Working with the Elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth)
  • Wisdom workshops on Money, Relationships, and Health
  • Quieting the monkey mind & mental chatter
  • How to invoke HANDS on HEALING & distance healing
  • New techniques for working with the 4 energy bodies to enhance your intuition
  • Energy work with your chakras to open & clear energy
  • How to use your empath gifts to make a living, if you so desire.

The Empath Discovery Circle includes:

  • Minimum of ONE live 90-minute monthly group Zoom class/circle of exploration, energy processes, sharing & spirituality.
  • Bi-weekly Sunday evening livestream Private YOUTUBE events (2 per month).
  • Accountability:  Suggested, optional action steps between the classes to sustain your momentum.
  • Energy transmissions in every live event and you'll learn new energy exercises
  • Community Interest sub-groups that include Lightworkers/Healer Businesses Interests, Creatives/Artists, Shamanism/Indigenous group, and Parenting.
  • VIDEO Library:  All live event recordings. 4+ hours of recordings of past classes to access immediately.
  • Mobile app for easy access to all live events, recording libraries, & community interaction.
  • Guest Speakers & 'wisdom workshops'
  • This is a safe, private and high vibe community - holding the vision of your success.
  • Membership hosted on our own secure, private platform outside of Facebook (Mighty Networks)

Membership Doors are open:

Registration is ongoing, join anytime....cancel anytime, no questions.

  1. 1. After clicking this link here, you will be sent to the membership community (at Mighty Networks) to make payment & then immediately after making payment there, email instructions will be sent.
  2. 2. After 1st payment is made, you can easily cancel anytime with no questions asked.  I deeply trust that you will want to stay  :)
  3. Got questions? Email Dr. Michael Smith
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$79.99 US / month.

Cancel anytime.

Circle Live Zoom Call Schedule

Wed, Nov 18th, 2020
8 pm (Eastern) to 9:30 pm
Inaugural Circle call.

Mon. Dec. 14th 8 pm Eastern to 9:30 pm

ALL 2021 ZOOM CALLS will alternate between Tuesday and Wednesday evenings every month, with most starting at 8 pm Eastern time. An occasional Monday circle may be added.

Live Zoom calls start at NOON Sydney time in Australia, depending on the time of year.

SUNDAY EVENING YOUTUBE Livestream MEDITATIONS at 8 pm Eastern (Noon Melbourne).

Sunday events will be approximately 30-40 minutes in length and will include meditation, and a short weekly topic for chat & 'fun' interaction

Occasionally, we will start at 3 pm Eastern time, to accommodate those in Europe. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

How will this circle benefit me?

You'll gain wisdom through sharing/discussion in our monthly Zoom ceremonies, as well as our weekly private YouTube livestream meditations within our community app.  Along with teachings & learnings facilitated by Michael, you will receive personal support & wisdom from community members. You will be 'witnessed' in a positive Light, and we will lovingly 'hold space' for you. "Come as you are" is our community motto.

As always, use your intuition and let it guide you. Warmth, tingles, or chills can be interpreted as a 'yes' sign, or you may ask for a more tangible sign as well (dreams, waking visions, synchronicity). You have all your own answers, and in the Circle, you will experience that connection directly.

Can I take the Empath Academy with the Discovery Circle?

The Empath Academy and Discovery Circle are designed to complement one another, and yet they are each different experiences.  You may be seeking both.  

The Empath Academy is our premiere course, designed to be an intensive transformational experience to bring you rapid release of all that holds you back, including clearing the underlying reasons you attract repeated patterns.

If you are wondering where to start, use your intuition and ask your Higher Self for guidance. Feel into the question 'which class would initially better suit my needs?' and then use your intuition to notice how the guidance is received. Warmth, tingles, chills, and expansion are signs that point to a YES.

Do I need to show my video on the live Zoom calls?

No, you do not need to show video.  You are invited to share on whatever level feels good and right to YOU.  If you prefer a more 'internal' experience by not sharing video, you are welcome to engage on that level.   You always have total control over what and how you share and engage with the group.

Who is Dr. Michael Smith? (e.g. I'm writing this. . .so maybe I should say, who am I?)

My name is Michael Smith, and I've been working professionally as a spiritual guide, doctoral trained research psychologist, therapist, and healing practitioner for 20 years. My goal is to help you as a creative and intuitive empath step into your own energy and connect to your true Essence, which is Source. When you do, you have all the energy and protection so that your days of overwhelm will be in the past....and you can Serve others through your Light.  And my Ph.D. doesn't mean a thing, ultimately. It just means I took some steps and followed the doors the Universe opened for me, which I hope you'll do as well. The focus of my work has always been, and will continue to be, YOU.  And US.

What is the format of the Live Monthly Zoom calls?

The live calls will generally follow this format:  
1) GROUP MEDITATION  (15 minutes)

2) COMMUNITY SUPPORT CIRCLE (20 mins): Sharing & Exploration with personal support & guidance

Those of you who have taken my courses (The Empath Academy, The Empath Awakenings Circle) have experienced my style as a facilitator - namely, my main goal is to promote group interaction and sharing.   Yes, I do share the wisdom I have curated over my 20 years as a healing practitioner and spiritual guide. At the same time, it's not about me.  It's about YOU and WE, and the power in those words. We create a totally safe space and container for you to be seen, heard, witnessed and felt as your authentic self.

What if I am shy? What if I am not a group person?

If you're shy, perhaps the thought of sharing your voice and sharing your story in a group may make you slightly uncomfortable.   That's natural, as most empaths tend to lean to the introverted side. If the thought of that makes you uncomfortable, that's even MORE of a reason to sign up.   Growth and change almost always happens outside of your comfort zone.  So embrace that fear - it's an ally.  It's a friend.  It will lead you to the realization that there are others just like you.  Others who have the same experiences, the same fears, the same challenges, and yes, the same GIFTS and LIGHT.   

You'll feel so welcomed.  This is a ceremony about the power of ONE. You'll have a-ha moments, because of the very important decision to allow yourself to experience MORE. You are TOTALLY in charge of what you share.  We only ask you to be present, and introduce yourself the first class.  After that, the decision is up to you as to what, how, and if you share.

Even the shyest empaths have reported that they felt safe, nurtured, and supported by myself and by the rest of the participants. It's a totally loving space that we hold for you.

Can I participate if I'm in EUROPE, Asia, or Australia?

Absolutely! Whether or not you can attend LIVE, the recordings of all classes, energy transmissions/meditations, and the community interaction (in our mobile app) alone are so valuable. We welcome those of you in Europe timezones, as well as Australia! We offer easy access to live events through Zoom international connections, and you can join directly from the mobile app or the website, however you choose.

We will adjust the start times of the Zoom calls approximately every 3 months so that our Europe friends can join us LIVE at an easier time for them (8 pm UK time Monday or Tuesday evenings).

Our start time, depending on the time of year, is 10 am to NOON Wednesday or Thursday mornings in Sydney/Melbourne *

You are responsible for knowing the correct start time in your area.  Use this time converter to check on the time in your area.

Discovery Circle Sign up:

After making payment at our member page, you will be emailed instructions on how to access all materials.

  1. 1. Click here to make payment at our membership site (external)
    2. After making payment there, you will receive immediate email instructions.
    3.  Easily cancel anytime from your own account, no questions asked.
  2. Got questions? Email Dr. Michael Smith

$79.99 US/ monthly

Cancel anytime

Feedback on Michael's classes & circles.

Participating  was one of the best things that I could have ever done for myself...

Michael and all the class participants brought in great group energy. They each brought in a piece of the puzzle that I needed to move myself forward and become the woman that I am intended to be.  Michael is a remarkable man and a fabulous teacher.  You will walk away from this class with the knowledge to be the true you without facing fear or judgment. The joy you will experience after attending will be remarkable.  Do this for yourself!!

- Stephanie

Michael, the course had already been exceeding my best expectations...

when last night featured for me my own huge release of energy, with a climax of huge lighting-like energy in my center.    My class didn’t end with the call.  I spent all night in vivid medicine dreams involving you and the class participants, and energy movements in my physical body.   I’m really amazed at the progress that is happening here, and your ability to be in tune with every participant on the call.

- A.G.

Your training seems to have opened up other psychic abilities in me as well....

For those of you who are on the fence, I suggest you take that leap ASAP! It will help you to better understand yourself & your abilities; in addition to giving you confidence beyond belief! Also, thank you fellow Trailblazers, it's been great intermingling with your magnificent energies!"  

- Karen, San Antonio, TX

Michael, Thank you so much for the life changing experience!

With your masterful facilitation, the multi-leveled learning went inside and is now part of me. It was not just a feel good experience in a class; it shifted and changed my daily life.  It changed me deeply and profoundly. I AM different, a before and after.  Without reservation – a truly rare thing for me to do as I am extremely particular –  I wholeheartedly recommend the life transforming power of the experience.  Again, with all my heart, Michael - THANK YOU for generously sharing your many gifts and talents!   Love, light & blessings.  

- Alison Carter, WV

Hello, lovely empaths. If you  wish to heal, grow your intuition and empathic abilities...

become more balanced, flow with change, forge a new path in life, or generally bond to a group of inspirational souls, please, please sign up for an upcoming Academy without hesitation... it may well be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. Michael Smith's energy helps you to raise your vibration and remember who you are and what you are: unconditional, united, sacred love and light. Thus, please, if you are or feel you may be an empath, sign up..... extend and grow your natural compassion and light with us all! Go Gently.  

- Carissa Schumacher,
spirit medium for Yeshua;
Sacred Spirit Illumination Sedona; founder of Hopiiqatsi.org

Video testimonial from participant, Melinda Langford

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