Empath Awakenings Circle

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Class begins Tues, Sept 22, 2020
By Application ONLY.

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You don't have to go through empath awakening alone!

It is time for us to come together in an empath coaching and training course that is also a community ceremony to uplift and hold space for one another.   The course includes advanced lessons on dealing with spiritual awakening and emergence, along with organic discussion from participants about skills to become an empowered and awakened empath.

The Empath Awakenings Circle is an 11-week empath training and mentoring course created exclusively for empaths who are awakening to their purpose and power and want loving accountability and spiritual mentoring with me, intuitive empath Dr. Michael R. Smith. I've been working in group and personal mentoring formats for empaths since 2007.

We begin on Tuesday September 22, 2020.
Class is every Tuesday evening at 8:15 pm EST to 9:45 pm EST through December, 2020.

This course is by application only.  I will discuss with you whether the course is a good fit.

If you are interested in the program, please fill out the interest form below. If you've never worked with me, I will discuss options for seeing if you are a fit for the program.

Throughout the program, you are given exercises, accountability, and will have the nurturing support to make being an empowered empath less of a challenge — and you’ll make new friends with other empaths who will help you feel understood, validated, and supported.  

Registration will occur on Sept 15, 2020.

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The Empath Awakenings Circle
Once a Year Opportunity!

Registration will open September 15, 2020.
Class begins Tuesday, September 22, 2020
8:15 pm Eastern Time / 5:15 pm Pacific Time

You are welcome to apply to join in the once-yearly cycle of the Empath Awakening Circle intensive training course.  

You can connect to our calls using Zoom video or audio, your choice.

To take the first step in reserving your seat, simply click the button below and complete the form.

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The Empath Awakenings Circle:

  • Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Mastery. Discover your soul wound to help others.
  • Potent energy transmissions so that you’ll be a clear vessel for joy and LOVE.
  • Create proper boundaries so that you can put yourself FIRST.
  • Ampliify your Divine Source connection to strengthen your intuition & CLARITY.
  • Release addictive patterns like over working, food/substances, overthinking
  • Activate more prosperity opportunities & attract more abundance.
  • Learn to stop absorbing and sponging energy from others.

Topics in The Circle 11-week course:

  • SELF LOVE:  Learning to love yourself unconditionally
  • Creating boundaries with others, energetic and mental
  • Life Purpose:  How to take your gifts into the world  
  • Voicing Your Own Truth and OWNING your own power
  • Setting boundaries with energy vampires
  • Uncovering and 'Excavating' (clearing) repressed emotions
  • How to take responsibility for the world as our mirror
  • Quieting the monkey mind & mental chatter
  • How to invoke HANDS on HEALING and Light Language
  • How to Manifest more Abundance  (money, career, health).
  • Connecting with Spirit and Guides  safely & on your terms.
  • Learning and Building a Spiritual Language to interpret spirit's messages.
  • Working with the Elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) & Identifying your own elemental allies.
  • Modules on Money, Relationships, and Health
  • How to experience and work with your 'multidimensional self.'
  • How to use your empath gifts to make a living, if you so desire.
  • Diving deep into the art of Spiritual Warriorship.
  • How to Become a Divine Activator and mastering Presence.
  • Mental Mastery:  Overcoming the inner Judge
  • Space Clearing and Energetic Feng Shui.
  • How to handle empath 'awakening' symptoms and kundalini awakening.
  • How to improve function of the 4 most important bodily organs for empaths.
  • Knowledge and discovery of your own personal 'medicine'.
  • SHADOW WORK:  Identifying your personal shadows and lessening their influence.
  • Identifying and working with Animal Guides and Allies (we will be doing journey work).
  • Harnessing sacred sexuality & Sacred Love Relationships
  • Working with the Medicine Wheel - how to grid Earth energy.
  • Modules on Astrology & understanding your elemental makeup.
  • How to develop a sacred DIVINE CONTAINER to alchemize doubt and fear.
  • Releasing the potent energy of worst case scenarios to actually manifest what you want.
  • Working with energy cords and different options for clearing and/or cutting.
  • NEUROSCIENCE OF SENSITIVITY:  Working with the hippocampus and amygdala
  • PLUS. . .Several Guest Speakers who will add their unique perspectives and topics!

Tuition includes the following:

  • Weekly 90-minute live group sessions of exploration, discovery, energy, & spirituality.
  • Two (2) 60-min personal guidance & mentoring sessions with Michael Smith, Ph.D. (one in the beginning & one near the end).
  • Handouts & homework to follow along with the lessons as applicable.
  • Weekly energy transmissions & activations
  • Your own Accountability partner to keep momentum.
  • Guest speakers who will share their wisdom and gifts
  • Personal coaching and mentoring
  • Permanent Access to recordings of each week's Live lesson.
  • Private facebook group & Messenger chat for interaction with other participants.
  • Exclusive Circle-only discounts to planned in-person events & 'Pop up' classes.
"I found the feeling of solidarity in our circle quite astounding.   Working with you over the months has been so enriching for me. From the heart, Michael.  I can so recommend this to others."
- Susan F
"Michael is an extra-ordinary teacher who thoughtfully crafted a powerful curriculum. He's so engaging and gives 100 percent of himself in this course. I felt honored to be a part of the sacred space he created for our class. If I could do it again, I would!  Thank you Michael and every one of my classmates for a wonderful month!"  
- Christina Knowles
"Hello, lovely empaths. If you wish to heal, grow your intuition and empathic abilities, become more balanced, flow with change, forge a new path in life, or generally bond to a group of inspirational souls, please, please sign up.... without hesitation... it may well be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life. Michael Smith's energy transmutes pain and dis-ease with such equality, faith, grace, and peaceful empowerment by raising your vibration and helping you to remember who you are and what you are: unconditional, united, sacred love and light. I feel as though the world isn't different- I am different in it. Thus, please, if you are or feel you may be an empath, sign up... extend and grow your natural compassion and light with us all! Go Gently.  -

- Carissa Schumacher,
world renowned spirit medium and psychic
who works with Sacred Spirit Illumination in Sedona, AZ.
"Today, I feel good. That unrelenting pressure is finally off. I slept. Woke up sweet, playful, loving and without much physical pain. So thank you Michael Smith and fellow empaths for your gentle loving gifts. This energy is showing up in deep contrast to what I was experiencing recent weeks"  
- Thomas G.

"Michael's energy and enthusiasm, wisdom and guidance were the catalysts
that helped me break through some deep-seated obstacles to uncovering a more authentic way of being in all areas of my life/body: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I am indebted to Michael. My life has been transformed and altered in ways that I could not have imagined."
- Susanne Will
" This has been just an amazing experience.  I know we have all grown from this experience.  The energy work is just life changing.  You have no idea.  Before I used to try to calm down from books, and I had no idea I wasn't in my body. So being able to work this way is just huge, the other half of the coin that I was missing.
- Jennifer M.

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$597 US per month
(for 3 months)

What happens during the Empath Awakenings Circle?

Along with a weekly lesson and discussion, we hold space for each other.  Calling on spiritual energy, we enter a semi-altered state where we will collectively start to vibrate at a higher rate. With other participants vibrating also at a higher rate, you'll get those benefits.  It's quite magical, and I've found that this holding of space will allow you to reach a new level of consciousness that will propel you forward on your journey.

Each step of the way, you are given simple exercises, accountability. You are given a nurturing support system and you’ll make new friends with other empaths who will help you feel understood, validated, and supported.   You'll learn that you CAN create empath boundaries and not be drained by others. You will be paired with an accountability partner, who, along with Dr. Michael's personal support, will hold the VISION for you to make achieving your goals a reality.

Even if you have taken the Empath Academy, you'll  benefit from this awakenings circle group experience as we move to a completely new level and new material.


The Awakenings Circle provides a grounding force so that you'll thrive on an ongoing basis. By joining the circle, you'll be included in a high vibrational community energy grid that will help you to let go of feelings of isolation.


so that you'll reach your goals and eliminate procrastination. You'll be paired with an accountability partner. There will be action assignments to keep you on track, and you'll access homework from your web portal.


to help you through personal challenges. Everyone needs someone to hold the highest vision for us to overcome obstacles and manifest a thriving life and that's what you'll get on a regular basis from our community and from Michael.


Learn where to take your gifts and possible next steps on your journey to empath empowerment and your life's purpose.


You'll have an opportunity to work personally with me, Michael Smith, and working with the questions of your heart and soul. I will hold the Highest spiritual vision for you even when you don't necessarily believe it. I will ask you to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone and hold the vision for your intentions to come true.

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$597 US per month
(for 3 months)

SEPT 2020 Class Schedule

8:15 pm Eastern Time / 5:15 pm Pacific Time

Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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