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“Totally life-changing! I never considered myself to be an empath although I always knew I was sensitive to people and energy.  I found that he was describing me word for word. I finally had a framework to understand parts of my life that before had made no sense. And not only did I gain great clarity but he shared brilliant techniques to eliminate the negative impact of lower vibratory energy, and to embrace one's empathic nature and use it for the good of ourselves and others. Michael and his profound knowledge are truly a gift to the world at this unique time in creation."

-Debra Poneman,  Bestselling author and Speaker, Your Year of Miracles with Marci Schimoff.

"Michael, you are doing beautiful work.
A sensible and grounded approach that leads to a greater understanding of our true design." 

-Sonia Choquette,  Bestselling author and
internationally renowned psychic


"After searching and searching (I have always been so particular about who I employ to help me on my spiritual journey!) I found Michael; and after meeting him for the first time - there was no doubt I had found an extra special soul/teacher/healer. He IS the real deal - he is a highly skilled and empowered Empath who walks the walk and the talk.

                      ~ Darleen Rose, New Zealand

Smith was amazing. I want to buy his package: Empath Tool Kit.   He has a honest humility and is not pompous. Dr.Michael makes everyone very comfortable, feel included and somewhat enchanted with the material.  Thanks

I've tried LOTS of things to clear myself. Dr. Smith is the first person to present the information so clearly and concisely...and to provide specific ways to deal with it. I am extremely thankful!

mazing.  I've received other info about Shamanism, but not the way he explained it.   It helped me immediately, especially the information about creating a sacred space and asking for help from the natural earth elements.  I resonated with everything he said and I plan to purchase his books.  

Wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed his energy, clarity and all the invaluable information he provided. He is a blessing to everyone who is connected and trying to connect with God. His simple yet profound tools do and will help!
He is very compassionate, understanding and patient.  Thank you Dr. Michael!

I have never been so profoundly moved by anyone before. You have to bring back Michael Smith again as a speaker.  What a genuine and sincere loving person he is. When Michael shared his story, I was moved to tears. I didn't know it was possible to be so moved, amazing call. 

Hi Michael...
Your energy always raises me to a higher frequency.  It was great to hear your voice and to hear you ....what was that a snort?  lol......Great to be reminded of the gifts of the Universe.  I am grateful and better and improved for knowing you. :) Mar

Many thanks to Dr. Smith for your endless light and gratitude!  The tools were very helpful, 'tree exchange' and 'hello feet' in particular.  It is always refreshing to learn from a teacher that is fully in line with being in service as a life path. 
Love and Light,  Kelly

Dr. Smith
is compelling, charismatic, interesting and passionate. I was impressed with the range of material covered in the class, both the recap for those who had not taken a class before and new information.   I thoroughly enjoyed him and would love to take another class from him! Thank you, Lisa

At points,
I was in tears.  I have read a lot and listened to a lot of people, but until now I haven't able to make sense.  So much of what was said struck a chord.   I LOVED his energy and listening just felt right. Thank you again so sincerely!

The best teacher and presenter. I love his genuine caring and interesting and valuable message he shares.


The greatest class ever and so much helpful information. Outstanding.  Informative, thought provoking, calming, and rich in insight.


Michael Smith is a magnificent source of wisdom, solace, and inspiration to empaths, as well as those seeking to explore their spirituality.

Excellent leader, wonderful content.  I thoroughly enjoyed this class, could resonate with it.  Thank you!  And also so interesting. Wonderful!


"Michael,  I understand myself in a whole new light, on a whole new level. After years and years of being riddled by other's emotions, I can now re-enter my profession (therapist) and not suffer for it, physically and emotionally.  I love you and your work. 
- S.  Utah.


"I struggle to find the words to articulate what being part of Michael's Empath Academy meant to me. It changed my life.  I felt so included and surrounded by love and peace. These tools I will use for the rest of my life, but there was also a whole higher level of learning. The energy was calming, beautiful and sacred.   My greatest passion is helping people and I am so grateful to have that ability back, stronger than ever. For those considering future Empath Academies, with all my heart, I urge you to sit by your computer and register as fast as you can! (The spots go fast). You will be so glad that you did. Michael created a comfortable environment in which the shyest of us felt we could share. He led gently and was so down to earth and I appreciated feeling so safe.  He is so incredible. I looked forward to Wednesday night's with great anticipation, knowing it would change me each evening... and it did. The group members were so gifted and generous with their gifts and we now share a strong bond. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the empath academy for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. And, thank you Michael for being you. You make this world a brighter, healthier, happier place. I will never forget the opportunity to be a part of the academy." 
Shanna G., 34 years old, Sandy, Utah, happily married, two kitties. 



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Unsolicited Comments about The Empath Academy

"Very powerful stuff going on here!   :-)   And for sure, I felt very cleansed afterward like I've been doing some huge workshop or 2 hour meditation.  I am very grateful to be a part of this exploration and journey."  - "SARA"

"Thank you, Thank You, Thank You...I am so grateful and thankful for last night...the sharing was so heartfelt and informative.  D and Michael, your work together was amazing. I continued to have that same sense of peace after the call and into the praying time.  I am more intensely aware today and looking forward to our next conversation!  P.S. My thumb shows signs of trauma but does not hurt!  Your healing energies dispelled the hurt. TX U!" -  "KAY"

  "Amazing is the word that I am using to describe last night. After our call, I felt a presence here but it was one of peace & almost approval, joy & happiness that I am following the right path & connecting with like minded individuals.   Today I woke with great enthusiasm & a new found sense of hope & excitement! I am grateful for this experience in my life & thank you Michael! - "JESSICA"

Unsolicited Comments About Michael's Coaching Work:

"I felt so incredibly peaceful and serene after the session!!! Thank you so much for taking me through the most wonderful experience.  I want to hug the world!! That's how wonderful I feel!:):):)  
I am sincerely grateful, amazed and inspired by everything I'm learning from you!
Vera, MA

"You've taught me more than I could ever imagine.  It blows my mind what you've brought to the table.  
Anything else other than what you bring seems so sub-par to me I am bored."
R.W., TX

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